Sunday, December 27, 2009

Recapitulation: A year in review

As the year comes to a close, it is a time of review. The media gives us the bests and worst of this, that and the other. There is a look back over the year to remember what happened in the world. How about applying that same practice to your own life?

In the Toltec spiritual philosophy, the spiritual practice of recapitulation aids us in observing our life and behavior. Recapitulation is the action of recollecting your life including the emotions you felt surrounding the events. This procedure is self-healing. After all, hindsight is 20/20 and you can gain a much greater perspective of yourself, your life and the lives of those around you. You can learn from your own successes and failures. Because you create your own reality, it would behoove you to look back at what worked and what didn't.

Self-observation is a valuable tool for self-improvement. The observation shall not be confused as judgement. Judgement doesn't work well for self-improvement, but the actual objective observer can learn from the past and tweak behaviors, thoughts and action for the future.

To do this, simply take some time to contemplate the past year. Use your journal or a simple sheet of paper to list some of the events of the last year. As you write, pause to contemplate the events that impacted your life. Use this tool to improve and make changes for your future. This tool prepares you for the intentional creation of your reality. You will be much clearer as to what you do not want and much clearer as to what you DO want!

Shortly after the clock strikes 12 midnight, it's time to establish intentions for the the New Year. If you take the time to recapitulate 2009, you will be better prepared to create reality for 2010.

Of course, I have some events I'll be offering to assist you in these processes. On Wednesday, December 30, 2009 I'll be facilitating a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Drumming Circle to drum away the old and welcome in 2010. On Monday, January 4, 2010 come to 2010 READY, SET, GOAL!! INTENTIONAL CREATION OF REALITY. I'll share about vibrational matching, using your imagination and you'll set goals and experience a guided imagery meditation. Both of these events will be at The Crystal Garden.

To find out about all the upcoming events at The Crystal Garden, visit our calendar of events online.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

'Tis the Season

A lot has transpired since I last wrote. My father left for the heavenly realm on Monday, November 23. It was the Monday before Thanksgiving and the timing for his ascent was impeccable. His birthday in heaven brought the whole family together for Thanksgiving and our week together was healing and healthy in many ways. Although I am extremely sad, I can also say I am extremely happy for him. I can feel his joy and I know he is happy and at peace. As many of my close friends and extended social network know, I did my grieving before he left the planet as I knew he was exiting stage left. So many people - friends, family, customers and business associates - sent their love and condolences. It meant so much to me. I was truly overwhelmed with the love sent to me through Facebook. Thank you!

Now, the joys of the season are upon me and all of us. There are so many things to be grateful for and I am choosing to focus on those things (most of the time) which is the best way for me to be.

As this year closes I know that my final manuscript has a big thumbs up at Llewellyn Worldwide. Crystal Consciousness: Heal Yourself Using Color, Aromatherapy and Gemstones is the working title right now. Now I must brainstorm and come up with a wish list of potential titles for my book. Then Llewellyn's team of experts will pick the best one. Afterall, they've put out a long list of award winning books. It's great to be part of this publishing group. The book will be out in Fall 2010. The publisher's catalog for Fall 2010 comes out around May or June 2010. I've already been asked to get working on my next title! This is good.

It's also been great to be back to my work as a Spiritual Healer and Angel Messenger Practitioner®. I love facilitating private sessions because they make such a profound difference in people's lives. My specialties are Past Life Regressions and Crystal Alignments combined with various forms of regression work. It is also a joy to teach and share. I've got a lot planned for 2010 and I'll be traveling again.The results are life transforming and I also benefit as I help others. Now that's the way to work!

And - the store - I just LOVE The Crystal Garden. I am so grateful for all that it is to me and so many others. I really don't know what I would have done all these years without the blessings I receive from owning and managing such an amazing store and center. This past year was the first full year that the Wholesale Division has been in operation. The "star" product is Smudge in Spray. Smudge in Spray won a silver finalist Visionary Award from COVR - the Coalition of Visionary Resources. Over this past year, Smudge in Spray has been featured in Yoga Magazine as What's Hot! and as the product of the week with The Daily Om twice. The Daily Om has it listed with it's best sellers!! It is also carried by Whole Foods throughout Florida (looking for a sales rep in other regions- do you know anyone?) and around the country in Canada at stores like The Crystal Garden - so Buy Local!

Many of these stores are also carrying the other wholesaled products like my Spoken Audio CDs, the full line of Medical Grade Essential Oils and the rest of the Aromatic Sprays and Mists which were introduced this year.

And - as if that wasn't enough, I've been working on an Oracle Deck. I'll leave you in suspense on this one. It's almost ready to go to print. The first round of editing is done. Now great artist, Victoria Rose Martin, who is collaborating with me, will do her magic then we'll be in for a final round of proofing. 2010 will be a good good year!!!
So again I must say - Gratitude! Gratitude! Gratitude!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Sites and Sounds of The Crystal Garden

Enter the land of amateur video recordings with Margaret Ann at The Crystal Garden. I'm enjoying my new Flip camcorder. In the next few days I hope to have taken a video of each room of The Crystal Garden.

Here are 2 videos.

This one is a walk through the Bird Room.

This video is a walk through the Book Room.

I LOVE The Crystal Garden!

Come in person!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

11:11:11 - Awakening Gateways of Consciousness

How many of our daily thoughts flow towards things we are grateful for in our lives? How many of our thoughts are focused on what we lack? How many thoughts do we have of which we aren’t even conscious? Through a little focus and intent, we can turn around our energy, our way of being and our thought forms, into gratitude and abundance vs. lack and fear. This shift in thought alone can change our lives. The transfer of attention moves the assemblage point.

The assemblage point is a center focus point on which we create our personal reality. When the assemblage point shifts due to circumstances and changes in our lives and our world, it enables us to re-create reality and how we dream our world. There are many spiritual schools that teach that our life here on planet Earth is a dream. By shifting our awareness, observing our selves and our focus on self-importance, we are better able to connect with what is the dream and what is our reality.

11:11 is the code for the opening of the gateway of consciousness within our DNA. It is the code that many have been seeing on our digital clocks, watches and more. Many us have participated in ceremonies over the years to activate the doorway of Higher Consciousness into Light and Love on key dates such at 1-11-92 and 11-11-92. This activation of the 11:11 and any double number is actually a very positive thing, e.g. 77, 33, 44, etc. These double digit numbers are Master Numbers and bring us messages. Actually, any sequences of numbers that we consistently become aware of seeing, are messages from our angel helpers. Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue provides the meanings of various number sequences. Another favorite book on numerology.

The 11:11 is a password or activation tool to help us to remember who we truly are. Who are we truly? We are Love and Light. We are Peace, Joy and Happiness. We are here to remember our truth. This 11:11 began appearing with the advent of development of liquid crystal display and digitally displayed clocks. It was when our technology reached a certain point that we were predestined to begin to remember our Divinity. The 11:11 is a key and a trigger so that we may remember.

There have been many cosmic events that assist us in opening our consciousness. Usually they are associated with astrological configurations of stara and planet. Beginning with the Harmonic Concordance in August 1987, to the opening of the Gateway of the 11:11, and continuing with other astrological events, we are constantly being provided with these gateways for development.

Looking into numerology, 11 is a Master Number. Master numbers offer master accomplishments. According to Dusty Bunker’s book, Numerology and the Divine Triangle: “ As an 11, you can draw upon the cosmic forces for inspiration and for aid in attaining enlightenment and even cosmic consciousness. You feel compassion for all types of people, regardless of their station in life. The desire to uplift people brings out the teacher in you. You are intrigued by ESP, the occult, the mystical and spiritual studies.

As we travel forward through the 21st century, we have many opportunities to develop our spiritual selves. For thousands of years, the feminine has been subjugated. The Divine Feminine energy is entering our planet and is available to draw on. The doorway of opportunity to balance our lives, individually and globally, presents itself now. It is time to balance the masculine and feminine energies. The active principle of the masculine energy when appropriately blended with the passive feminine energy provides peace and harmony within and without.

This year, November 11, 2009, it is 11:11:11. November is 11. Date is 11. 2009 is 2+9=11. The trinity of above, below and within is energetically present in this year's 11:11 event raising it by an 11!

Prayer and meditation are vital now. Pray and meditate whenever possible. Our guides and angels can hear us. They are waiting for you to acknowledge them, talk to them and request their assistance. They have the ability to see life from a greater perspective and may light our path so we can see, know and act more clearly. It is imperative, though, that all requests for guidance are coupled with the Sacred Intent. Sacred Intent is aligning with the Divine Plan. As Christ said, “Not my will, but Thy will be done.”

Let us remember that before we can build a world of love, light, peace, happiness, compassion, joy, and harmony for all. We must first clear out our personal negative thoughtforms as collective consciousness manifests in the world around us.

We all have an opportunity to shift our assemblage point, shift our awareness, awakening our gateway of consciousness. As we approach this each day, we are given an avenue for actualizing the world of Love, Light and Peace. Using focus and intention, we can turn around our energy, our way of being and our thoughtforms, bringing the new focus to gratitude and abundance vs. lack and fear. This shift in thought alone can change our lives and our world, one person at a time.

I'll be at the Jamar Enlightenment Center (561-630-2280) located in Palm Beach Gardens offering an 11:11:11 Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation. Register by 11/10 to get a discount.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tween Time: Cross-quarters

As the cross-quarter approaches, a doorway in between time and space opens. It happens 4 times a year. Cross-quarters are the mid point between a solstice and equinox.

The time around the end of October and the beginning of November is the mid-point between the Fall Equinox and the Winter Solstice. As a culture here in the U.S., most people celebrate or acknowledge Halloween in various ways. This holiday is a celebration of the cross-quarter.

In the past, I used to facilitate the Sacred Circle Gathering in Ocala National Forest at Camp Ocala. I offered the Gathering for 13 years on the first weekend of November. It was a very profound experience. It consisted of ceremonies to release negativity using smudging, drumming and rattling around the fire circle. We always created Prayer Ties which are small bundles of tobacco strung together. We made 7 bundles based on a Native American tradition. We put our prayers into the tobacco with our intention and then we wore those 7 ties hanging over our left ear for the whole weekend until the closing ceremony as a reminder to maintain prayerfulness.

I also facilitated various experiences throughout the weekend to help people connect with their power animal, trust exercises, meditations and time to play and relax by the lake. The 2 biggest events over the weekend involved building a medicine wheel and the Crystal Grid and Alignment.

The Crystal Grid and Alignment is a powerful guided meditation with 20 - 60 people. It involves creating sacred geometry with the participants laying in a particular one dimensional tetrahedron or merkabah-like formation. I connected the participants by laying gemstones on and around the body. I used my beautiful private collection of gemstones for this experience.

Through sound and guided imagery we expanded the tetrahedron to create a full 3 dimensional seal of Solomon -or a full expansion of the interlocking triangles. The intention for the meditation is to transform and transmute any energies that are no longer needed for the participants. Once achieved we used those transformed vibrations to bring balance, love and an activation of the grids of light and love to the whole planet.

And the weekend was always dedicated to connection with our ancestors - those who have walked on this path before us. It is a time of great power to connect with the wisdom of the elders and the ancient ones.

This year I'll be celebrating the Day of the Dead by offering a special drumming circle at The Crystal Garden on Nov 2 intended to help us to connect with our loved ones who have moved on to another dimension. Growing up Catholic we always acknowledged, All Souls Day and All Saints Day. Now, I connect with the cross-quarter and the time in between to allow for wisdom and messages to stream forth from the Other Side.

When I was on a sacred journey in Mexico, I visited Janitzio. It was my first exposure to the Day of the Dead.

"Day of the Dead in Janitzio features one of the most magnificent rituals of the rich Mexican culture. This time the celebration takes place in Janitzio, a magical little island in the State of Michoacan, perhaps the single most famous place for witnessing the Day of the Dead commemoration. "

The Day of the Dead (El Día de los Muertos or All Souls' Day) is a holiday celebrated in Mexico and by Latin Americans living in the United States and Canada. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. The celebration occurs on November 1st and 2nd in connection with the Catholic holiday of All Saints' Day which occurs on November 1st and All Souls' Day which occurs on November 2nd. Traditions include building private altars honoring the deceased, using sugar skulls, marigolds, and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed, and visiting graves with these as gifts.

How will you honor your ancestors during this cross-quarter?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Walking the cycles of life

As fall approaches, it makes me mindful of the cycles of life. It's harvest time in the parts of the country where the four seasons are more evident. Living in Florida, it's actually planting season. The tropics are a bit different than the rest of the country. Regardless, the vibration of the fall and harvest time is settling in. We just experience the Corn Moon . . . some call it the Harvest Moon . . . and yet according to my favorite astrology calendar and ephemeris by Jim Maynard, the Harvest Moon is when the moon is in Aries on October 4th. (These calendars are a favorite of most of our customers - but they usually don't arrive until December.)
The celebration of the ever-turning wheel of life can be found in a ceremony from the indigenous people of our country - the Native Americans. Various tribes used the labyrinth-like circle of stones for meditation and prayers. My experiences have shown me that the process of building a medicine wheel is a perfect time for story telling, prayer, singing, meditation and contemplation. It sets the stage for a-ha experiences and the ability to see life from a greater perspective.

During our last phenomenal drumming circle at The Crystal Garden, one of the participants sitting in circle asked me what tribe I'm from or what lineage am I associated with. With my red lipstick in hand, I indicated that although I apprenticed for 2 years under a Peruvian medicine man who followed the lineage of Grandfather Wallace Black Elk, I am an Italian American from Brooklyn of my own tribe - one that I created in 1990 - called the Angelic Warriors Tribe.

I did have the distinct honor of sitting in ceremony over a period of 10 days with Grandfather Wallace Black Elk. We were on a remote mountain about an hour away from Morelia in the state of Michocan, Mexico. Lucky for me that Grandfather was there because that made them speak all the ceremonies in English as well as the native Spanish! Whew! I had a lot of interaction with Grandfather because I was one of the few English speaking people there. I called him for meals, brought him food, helped him in sweat lodges and every second was an extreme honor. I couldn't have planned it if I tried!

Angelic Warriors Tribe met every Wednesday night from around 1990 through 1997-ish. We sat in circle and laughed, cried, ate, sang, did ceremony, sat in meditation, and re-created the wheel. Re-created the wheel?? Huh? Yep - we took Sun Bear's version of the Medicine Wheel and made it our own. Victoria Martin, artist extraordinaire, painted each stone to show the symbolic energy as a tool for teaching and story telling. Now these stones sit in sacred space in the front of portion of one of the classrooms at The Crystal Garden - in the Angel Room.

The stones are river rocks which I collected with my cousin, Maria, in Hermosa, CO. In fact, you just saw pictures of my trip back to Hermosa in an earlier post. There are 36 stones and each stone tells a story. There is an inner circle, 4 portals and pathways and 13 moons.

I'm going to offer a Teachings of the Medicine Wheel event on Saturday, Sept 19 from 1 - 4:30 PM at The Crystal Garden. The cost is low - only $13 - because I want to keep it affordable to experience these teachings.

I'll probably record the experience because I was told by someone whom I really respect that perhaps this is a subject for my next book. Hmmm . . . what shall I call it? Shall I be daring? Sacred Irreverence is the key here . . . Red Lipstick and the Wheel of Life . . . or Brooklyn Girl goes Native - naaaah - OK - Maybe Walking the Cycles of Life: Native Traditions meet NYC.
I'll have to give you a few more installments of what the medicine wheel is all about. So stay tuned.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Words of Wisdom from Papa Bear

My father, Al Lembo, is a wise and spiritual man. He'll be 96 in November. Although he's dancing between the worlds, there are pearls of wisdom that come through him. It's probably because of his dance that he is a wise sage. He was extremely connected with God tonight while I was there.

In a nutshell, his advice was as follows: "Pray for all the good things in your life. Remember them and forget about the rest. Forget about the people who were bad to you. They just didn't know better and they probably didn't mean it anyway. Have memories of all the good things in your life. - and there are many things that are good in your life. If you need guidance, ask God. But you have to ask. It is important to help people. People need to ask for help. Help as many people as you can. And remember all the good things in your life."

Thanks, Dad! We all appreciate the words of wisdom! It's important to listen to the words of wisdom from our elders. They have many years of experience and know the truth. Well, at least I feel that way about my Papa Bear!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Re-Entry after Vacation

I'm back in my office not wanting to work. I've piles of bills to pay for various businesses, catalogs to go through, articles to write, more bills to pay, emails to respond to and on and on.

Instead I'll post a photo or 2 of my vacation to Hermosa, Colorado.

I went to see my cousin, Maria, who married the man she's been with for 20 years.
I also had a great visit with my cousin, Judy and her husband Ric, and 2 gorgeous girls. We all went to the Trimble Hots Springs after the wedding. I certainly felt good to sit in the geothermic heated pools filled with minerals.
After the wedding guests left, Vincent and I spent time with Maria and Don at her house on CR 203. Here are some amazing views.

These photos were taken standing at the end of the driveway. The old Feller barn has a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

My favorite time was when Maria and I gathered seeds of all kinds from her amazing garden. Yesterday I planted Holly Hock and Snap Dragon seeds in my front garden. I tried the telepathically explain the change in altitude from 6800 ft down to sea level. I'm holding the vision that the seeds will germinate and become beautiful flowering plants!

Can't I have a couple of months off to garden and rest my weary body, mind and spirit? I'd like to be like this fat squirrel being fed by the handsome young men every morning at the Logwood Inn!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bird Watching

I'm watching a stellar jay or mountain jay eat breakfast off the post on the log wood porch in front of me. I love blue birds. Most of you know I have a thing for birds. In this moment, the wild birds before me are enjoying the seeds and nuts place out for them by the caretakers of the Logwood Inn.

Yesterday when I was in downtown Durango, I stopped to capture photos of a hummingbird. Because I'm not on my own laptop at the moment, I won't be adding photos with this post. But believe me, you will be inundated with photos in the near future.

It feels so good to be resting, looking at birds - 5 crows just flew by - and breathing deeply. I have to breathe deeply because at this altitude, I often must catch my breath. And, that is really what this trip is all about. It's a combination of visiting with my dear cousin, Maria, for her wedding and "catching my breath" as it's been a very challenging year for me.

I am grateful to have an overall positive attitude and my "Polly-anna" outlook on life. For without it, I'm not sure how I would have enjoyed any of this past year.

I've been listening to my own guided meditation CDs quite a bit in the past week. Meet Your Master Guide, Open Your Heart to Love and Color Meditation: Align Your Chakras are all downloaded into my I-pod for easy listening so I listen to them when I wake up in the middle of the night and on the airplane. I also have downloaded Think Good Thoughts: Positive Affirmations for Everyday Living but I listen to that most often in the car while I'm driving. So, here I thought I made those CDs for everyone else - I guess that's true but I now realize these are for me just as much as they are for everyone else.

Well, mi prima, (means cousin) Maria has just arrived so I'm signing off for now to go play by the river, in her garden, with the birds and with my Vincent!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Changes in altitude

I'm enjoying a relaxing family vacation in Durango and Hermosa, Colorado. It's a slice of heaven on earth here at this high altitude. It takes me quite a few days to adjust to this altitude as I live at "below" sea level in South Florida! I can breathe and walk without pausing every few steps. I'm sitting in the lodge portion of the Logwood Inn. My cousin just arrived so I'll blog more later and perhaps a few photos.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Editing . . .

Life has been quite intense over the past month and a half. My Dad was putting under Hospice care on June 4th. He is stable and at home now with constant loving care. My dear friend, Marguerite Barringer, died suddenly. She had a heart attack on the 4th of July and was off to heaven on July 10th. Wow! That hit me really hard.

I haven't been getting all my normal work responsibilities done. Finally over the past 4 days I've started to find myself again. The intensity of loved ones failing or passing over left me emotionally raw. Through sunshine, rest, swimming and a tiny bit of gardening I've regenerated myself. Most of the work responsibilities are accomplished and now I'm free to edit my manuscript.

I have a book under Publishing Agreement with Llewellyn Worldwide. This is my first time as an author publishing with a large publishing house. In order to provide a good final manuscript I have hired an editor to help me finalize the project. The majority of the work is done and now the process of tweaking, removing non-essential anecdotal stories and molding it into a professional book is at hand. I've started working on the edit sent back to me by this fabulous editor and I am enjoying the process.

Because I already have a heavy workload, I've had to cross off all the days that I have free and made an appointment with my manuscript. I'm looking forward to finishing it so we can go through another round of editing. I didn't know that birthing a book was such a process and I'm happy to be learning the process.

So enough dilly dallying writing in my blog . . . . off to the manuscript I go!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Off to the Mile High City

Next week I'm off to Denver for the International New Age Trade Show - I'm looking forward to the 8 days in the Mile High City, says the woman from below sea level. When we first arrive we'll give ourselves a day to acclimate and run some errands. Thursday night I'll be offering Angel Gemstone Oracle Sessions and Past Life Regressions at For Heaven's Sake.

Then Friday is the day to unpack the boxes, set up the booth and prepare to sell our merchandise to retailers. It's the first year that'll The Crystal Garden is represented at INATS West as a wholesaler. I made the decision to expand the wholesale division of the store when I saw how popular Smudge In Spray was becoming in my own store.

Friday is also a day of Pre-Show Seminars. I'll be leading the opening meditation at 9 am then co-facilitating a talk on Social Networking on the Internet at 10:45 with Caryn Colgan. Caryn and I have become friends through the Coalition of Visionary Resources of which I am now President. COVR is a national trade organization supporting vendors, retailers, publisher, authors, speakers, musicians and any business in the visionary industry. It's a very good organization providing many benefits.

Each year the COVR Visionary Awards are presented at the Saturday night evening banquet. Smudge in Spray is a finalist! I am so pleased.

Anyway, Saturday, June 27 - Monday, June 29 the show will go on at the Denver Merchandise Mart. I'll be wearing many hats. I'll be there as a wholesaler selling my Spoken Audio CDs, full line of Medical Grade Essential Oils and the wonderful aromatic Sprays. Chrissy and Vincent will be in the booth with me talking to retailers. We are giving retailers sample bottles of Lavender and have cool star shaped fans to put a drop of oil on for them to test a scent.

I'll also be a Retailer, there to buy, buy, buy in anticipation of the Holiday Season. I place a lot of orders at INATS. I've already pulled my purchase orders and I'll buy other merchandise that will be new to The Crystal Garden.

I'll also be there as a speaker because I'll be providing the pre-show seminar and introduce Loretta LaRoche at our COVR Opening Breakfast as well as provide Retailers with a seminar on Scent-sational Sales: Selling Aromatherapy on Sunday.

And, I'll be there as the President of COVR facilitating our Annual Convention Board Meeting bright and early on Monday. Whew!

I'm happy to be returning to For Heaven's Sake on Tuesday evening to offer my class on Crystal Consciousness.

It's a nice full schedule and it'll be good for me to step away from Florida for a little while. The stress of my dear Dad ailing in Hospice has been tearing me up. He's been my close friend as well as my Dad for my whole life. I'm going to miss him when he leaves the planet. At least he is resting peacefully with no pain. I feel grateful that my siblings will be nearby while I'm out of town.

So off to the Mile High City I go . . . my bags are packed!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Soul Food

I've decided to take some time to nurture myself today. My father is resting comfortably so now it's time to replenish myself. Being a good Italian women, I decided to cook a Sunday meal for my self, Vincent and Dad. Dad has been eating well even with the hospital food, yet I know he'll appreciate some macaroni with meat sauce. It's slowly cooking and the house smells like Sunday to me!

Growing up, Mom always made a sauce, or gravy as we called it, which we often ate at around 3 pm. I'm using another kind of "aromatherapy" in the house today to nurture myself. The scent of the gravy wafts through the house and reminds me that all is well.
I visited my acupuncturist, Jenny Lee, this past week. I've been stressed and experiencing achy heels and calves. Acupuncture has helped me so many times in my life. Click on Jenny's name above to read more about acupuncture.
Jenny gave me some special tea bags for a foot bath so I soaked my feet this morning, used my chi machine this afternoon and will shortly wash off this facial masque when I'm done posting this short blog. It feels good to catch up on some of my normal daily activities and adding a bit of nurturing to the mix.

I can't wait to taste my Rotelle, pork and tomato gravy meal . . . mmmmmm good! Food for my soul!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Life has ups and downs

I'm sitting in Bethesda Hospital listening to Dad breathe, watching his every move and distracting myself with anything I can get done on the Internet/laptop. I've added Bach Flower Rescue Remedy to my water and used Euphoria Relaxing Spray on and around my body. I'm breathing deeply and reminding myself it's all part of life.

While I was in NYC, Dad had a mini stroke. When I returned he had an episode that has him staying in the Hospice of Palm Beach County unit in Bethesda. All my Facebook friends as well as many others having been sending love and light and prayers and blessings. This is very welcome and appreciated.

Did you know that Hospice isn't just about getting their care to die? It's meant to assist to maintain a better quality of life when someone has a serious illness or challenging episode. Well, that's my way of putting it. It doesn't seem that Dad is leaving the planet quite yet. He's healthy yet the age onset dementia is challenging him and those around him. He's peacefully sleeping now, but night time is another story which I won't tell here. Se la vie . . .

An amazing wonderful thing is when Dad is talking or comes out of his sleeping stupor he says things like, "Always do good." or "I'll love you forever. . . . forever and ever!" or "Thank you. You are the best." or " It's not just good, it's very very good." It's statements like these that confirm the title of the "Daddy Lama" for me. He is a wise and gentle man and I am honored that he is my father.

And even with all the positives, it still makes me so sad and tearful to observe the changes. It's not bad - just so so sad. I already miss him and he's still here.

I love the wonderful people here on this floor. Dad has already received a Reiki Aromatherapy treatment from an Integrative Therapist named Jennifer. I've brought in my Guardian Angel Spray, Smudge in Spray, Auntie M's Anti Disinfecting Spray and Euphoria Relaxing Spray to give to the nurses, aids and caregivers for their use here on this floor. They've stashed it in the medication room. I was having a good cry and through my blubbering I asked Cathy, who is also a good customer of The Crystal Garden and the charge nurse here, if I could borrow some of my spray back. She immediately brought me the Euphoria and we sprayed me down!

The Doctor seems very enlightened as well as a good medical practitioner. I was happy to hear her tell me how healthy and beneficial it is for me to cry and emote. I have always believed that because I'm one to cry anywhere for any reason - or for no reason. I now have the added permission to cry from a medical doctor! Ha! So there!
It's all good. I'm so blessed with so many positive things in my life. I am so grateful for all my blessings.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Flowers are blooming

I haven't had any time to blog lately because I've been writing 4 -5 articles a week for the I am the new Miami New Age Spirituality Examiner. Check out this link and please, if you would, visit it often or consider following it.

I'm tapped out for writing, blogging, tweeting, facebooking and so on so here are a few photos of my visiting friend and my blooming garden.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Sloppy Gardener

I like to look of a wild garden. It's my excuse for allowing weeds to co-exist with all the other plants in the garden. I have a lawn that consists of various green weeds and a little bit of grass. One of the side yards and the backyard has sod, but the rest of it is a huge lawn made of very interesting plants. While trying to find out the name of these flowers here on the right, I found out the name of other "weeds" in my yard. I have Spanish Needles growing all over the yard. But does anyone recognize this little beauty? The flowers are teeny weeny and the photo I took is a close up (and a bit blurry.)

I had a good time planting seed and making a wild nonsensical combination of plants. It's my great experiment. Over the years I've learned that you should have a vegetable garden separate from a flowering garden with the exception of few companion marigolds, onions and garlic perhaps. I made such a hodge podge of plants in one bed.

I have mammoth sunflowers in between the pineapples. I have a thing for sunflowers. I've enjoyed watching butterflies stop for a snack while the flower is in full bloom and cardinals hang out picking out the seeds from the finished flower. This picture on the left isn't a mammoth one. The big ones haven't bloomed yet, they are still growing and getting big with huge leaves. I can't wait to meet my new friends when they bloom!

I've planted a wilder variety of cosmos within the same bed with watermelon, cantaloupe,onions and bush beans. A customer who comes to Tai Chi at The Crystal Garden brought me the seeds. The sunflowers are mixed within the bed with the vegetables as well.

I was happy to find a volunteer today when I was making a slight attempt at weeding. I'm not sure if it's cabbage or broccoli. Perhaps you'll recognize it and let me know. I love volunteers. It makes me feel like God or the fairies are invisibly gardening with me. Or perhaps they are gardening while I sleep. More realistically, I believe it's a result of my sloppy composting. I'm pretty busy so I often throw my organic vegetable kitchen scraps out into the bed. I don't put it in a compost bin and I rarely bury it. I figure the animals can have a snack and it'll decompose. Eventually I cover it with leaves or topsoil.

I do have a compost bin, but it was torn up and mostly blown away with the hurricanes - Frances, Jean and Wilma. I never replaced it. I do have a papaya plant approximately 10 feet tall with a few papayas growing on it. It's a volunteer as well! Gotta love the volunteers.

I thought I'd plant cosmos seeds too. My cousin in Durango always has such beautiful cosmos. I wanted some too. These cosmos are flowering at my front door. What a happy welcome they provide! You can see the geraniums on the right of the photo. I have many geraniums around the front and back yards. Some of them are over 2 years old.
What's growing in your garden?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prayer is Powerful

This moment I pause to send good energies ahead to Carole Lynn Grant as she approaches the time to really start her healing process. She will be having an operation tomorrow Monday, April 27 and will be recuperating for about 6 weeks.

Send your prayers and blessings to her at Bethesda Memorial Hospital in Boynton Beach, FL.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Past Lives and Regression Therapy: Spiritual Healing

Understanding the role of reincarnation, karma and dharma can assist us in our present incarnation. Remembering a past life can bring a greater understanding of ourselves and what we have come back to learn. Past Life Regression helps us remember our purpose and learn the meaning of our lives today.

Reincarnation, Karma and Past Lives
Understanding the role of reincarnation and karma can enlighten you in your present incarnation. It also provides a route to develop yourself and that of your family so that you leave this world a better place. Remembering a past life can bring a greater understanding of yourself and what you have come back to learn. A past life regression is a therapeutic tool that helps you remember your purpose and learn the meaning of your life today.
• Who were you prior to this lifetime?
• Where did you live?
• Have the people in your life been with you before?
• Why are you coming back together with people from your past lives?
• Why do we reincarnate?
• What legacies have you left behind in a prior lifetime that affects you individually as well as your family, community and society?
• What karma are you balancing for your grandparents, parents and other ancestors?

Understanding the answers to these questions has assisted me in knowing my own true nature. It is a process of uncovering layers within these questions as I grow, learn and remember my destiny. I continue to contemplate the similarities and differences in destiny and karmic retribution. It’s hard to say if I will ever truly know all the answers on the many levels available, but it is my intention to continue to strive to understand myself and others and what I have returned to accomplish. With these realizations and continued focus on delving into my truth, I have found greater compassion for myself when my humanness shows through and greater compassion for others in their humanness as they work through their processes.
I encourage you now to do the same.

Clear Karma
When you chose to move to return to this planet, you knew in that moment of choice from your heavenly perspective, that you must clear your karma of past lifetimes, as well as your familial karma, and reconnect with your true spirit.

Have you ever wondered why certain things have happened to you, your family and others in your life? It’s those life circumstances that seem to come out of nowhere that create havoc, chaos, illness, sudden death or other tragedies that make no sense. It’s like that question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” By the time you are done with this chapter, you will have a better clue as to the answer of that question.

The Choice
Prior to your descent to this planet, you had a clear description of the purpose for coming here. During that time of being in “heaven” or “the other side,” you were able to see and know all that you have done in your past lives and what you must do in the future to clear and rectify all that you or your ancestors have done. While on the “other side,” you also chose your circumstances of parents, life situations like wealth vs. poverty, single vs. married with children, etc. for this lifetime.

When you chose to move to this planet, you knew in that moment of choice from your heavenly perspective, that you must clear your karma of past lifetimes, as well as your familial karma, and reconnect with your true spirit. When you made the choice for planet Earth, you also knew you had a responsibility to not only clear your own karma and reconnect with your spirit, you also agreed to assist others in this process as soon as you were aware enough. It is a responsibility that you have taken on in lifting up this planet.

From a heavenly perspective, your Divine Mission was very clear. As you descended through matter onto the planet, those things that were once very clear were forgotten. The veil was put into place and you now have a lifetime to work towards lifting that veil and finding the truth within your heart. The knowing and all the answers are stored in your energy field, your bones, muscles and cells.

Once you arrive here on the planet, you are faced with choices daily. These choices often bring lessons. And, interestingly, each choice that you make creates an action. Each action creates consequences. Some of these consequences create karma. And the wheel, it goes round and round.

Often the biggest lessons are presented to you through your closest friends and family. They challenge you and you challenge them with your behavior, attitudes, lack of respect, self-centered-ness and attitudes. When you are challenged or challenging, it is often from a basis of fear and greed. If you choose to honor your friends and family with loving kindness and respect, then you are thinking, feeling and acting with your heart in alignment with Love. Stay in Love and it lessons the chances of creating karma and allows for the dissolution of karma.

The benefit of experiencing a Past Life Regression provides you an opportunity to heal and shift your reality into something more positive. I have found that when someone is ready to heal recurring patterns or issues they will ask for a regression. In some cases, people don't actually go into a past life but into an earlier time in this lifetime. The experience often catapults the person into a experience that will open an opportunity to heal the underlying cause. That cause may exist earlier in this lifetime or another lifetime. So your consciousness takes you where you need to go to have a realization and heal the underlying cause once and for all.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Daytime class this Friday from 1- 3 PM. Crystal Consciousness at The Crystal Garden.
I just signed up with Will this make it easier? Only time will tell! Or is it just another layer of status updates . . .???

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Centered Spirituality

I remember Mama . . . my mother. I remember my mother cooking in the kitchen. Sometimes a piece of food would drop on the floor. She would say, "that's Mother Earth's share." I realized at a young age that it was important to honor Mother Earth.

Mom often composted food by burying food scraps in the garden. At the Brooklyn house, she often would only compost the coffee grounds and egg shells. In our Breezy Point house, our garden was in beach sand. There she would bury everything in the garden to amend the soil. Now the thing to remember when composting or burying things in the garden is to avoid placing meat, bones, cheese, oils and return vegetable and fruit cuttings, egg shells and coffee grounds back to Mother Earth.

I still use this technique today. The land I live on is primarily sugar sand. I received the training I needed from dear mom, so I ammend the soil and do a bit of lasagna gardening. I layer kitchen waste, leaves and potting soil to build up a garden bed.

The spiritual aspect of this is the deeper connection with all life. When I place my scraps in the garden, it is also my intent that the creatures who live in my 'hood might enjoy a snack. My sweetheart, Vincent, feeds the animals with intention. He puts the bones, leftovers too old to eat and even meat juices from cooking into a dish under the Royal Poincianna tree. In the morning, there isn't a scrap left and the plate is licked clean.

When I was on a mountain in Mexico in the late 1990's I was part of a Native America Church group under the lineage of Grandfather Wallace Black Elk. I actually sat in Sweat Lodge with Grandfather and was one of the main communicators for Grandfather as most people were Spanish speaking. (He is much younger in this picture then when I met him!)

Everything we did during those days was sacred and ceremonial. Before we fed the people (sometimes it was over 200 in camp) we fed the fire first. Then the elders were fed, then the children and then the adults. Even the manner in which we cut the vegetables was sacred. Did you know there is a male and female side to every fruit and vegetable? When you cut it in a certain way with consciousness, it allows for the masculine and feminine energy to be dispersed into the food.

Everything we do can be done with consciousness in a respectful and ceremonial way. When we do this, the flavor of the food and the flavor of life shifts. When that happens, our consciousness shifts and life opens up in far more magical and mysterious ways. When you cook, are you conscious and present with what you are doing or are you thinking of other things?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Gardening for the Soul

I've been enjoying my yard. Seedlings are growing. I've planted marigolds, bush string beans, cantaloupe, watermelon, zinnias, cosmos and sunflowers. My favorite flower is the sunflower. I brought seeds back from Tuscany about 5 years ago. When I first moved into this house I planted them all over my yard. Since then I've made it a tradition to keep them growing. Sunflowers are happy plants and make me smile.

On a metaphysical level, sunflowers are the perfect flower to activate the solar plexus. The yellow color and the happy energy provides a perfect activation for increasing joy and self-esteem. Hmmm . . . perhaps I could assign a flower for each chakra. Let's see

  • Crown - white calla lily

  • Third Eye - African Violet

  • Throat - periwinkle blue plumbago

  • Heart - pink roses

  • Solar Plexus - sunflowers

  • Navel - orange marigolds

  • Root - Red Geraniums

Gardening is grounding and yet highly spiritual at the same time. I am grateful I have a yard so I can pull weeds of the past and plant seeds for the future. I enjoy watering the gardening, fertilizing and nurturing each and every plant and tree. I am grateful!

Learning New Things

I've been learning to use Quickbooks for the bookkeeping and bill paying for various business. I'm responsible for managing the finances for my 95 and 1/2 year old Papa Bear. Due to rising costs for CPA, I've finally bit the bullet and purchased Quickbooks. I received some training from my CPA and my old friend, Debbie. Along with the help of online tech support from the banks and online tech support for Pro Advisors, I've achieved most of what I need to accomplish. There are finer details of the more complicated aspects of the businesses that my CPA will have to do, teach me and check my work, but for the most part all is well!

The bills are paid and with the online bill paying option with my banks and the automatic electronic download, life is so much easier. I don't have to sit with many checkbooks, handwriting checks anymore! It's all streamlined. Wow! I could've, should've, would've done that a while ago if I just listen to Rosetta! But now it is done and I am very happy. No more envelopes, addressing and stamping! I am free!

I hope to start blogging on a more regular basis again now that the bookkeeping is done.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Healing the planet one Spritz at a time!

I've been so focused on the line of Aromatic Sprays. I've been preparing for INATS West which is a huge trade show for the visionary industry. I'm excited because my new line of sprays will be promoted there to hundreds or likely 1000 retailers! I've expanded the Wholesale Division of The Crystal Garden.

I am also introducing my latest positive thought CD - Think Good Thoughts - at INATS West in Denver. I decided to have new professional labels made for the line of essential oils. I've been inundating my graphic artist friend, Victoria, with lots of work. Labels, ads for the Trade Show Directory, Ads for New Age Retailer Magazine and Aura Magazine. The list goes on and on.

As the president of a national trade organization, COVR - Coalition of Visionary Resources - I have plenty to do. I'm working with my colleague, Caryn Colgan, to finalize the Presenters Referral Program within COVR. You have to be a COVR member to reap the benefits. If you are a retailer, publisher, publicist, vendor, artist, author, speaker, distributor in a visionary business then you really need to join COVR.

It looks like Whole Foods in Florida is picking up my newest CD and possibly Smudge in Spray. Now I just need to manifest Sales Reps in other regions of the country who sell to Whole Foods. My CDs have sold VERY well at Whole Foods. I love to see my Color Meditation or my Short Meditations for Busy People CD by the cash register next to Aretha Franklin at the check out line. Mama Mia! Way Cool!

I've also been giving an extraordinary amount of time to learning Quickbooks for the various companies I manage. So, my bookkeeping skills from the days of Banking and Finance are being tweaked. Between networking, new programs and graphic art work - the geekette in me is in her glory.

I'm off to Yoga. Yoga keeps me strong, focused and sane. (and a nicer person - breathe deeply and go!)

Angelic Blessings!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Cleaning - Round 2

After writing about spring cleaning in a previous post, I became self-motivated to actually practice what I preach. Now my garage is in the process of transformation. I feel the true inspiration to clean the garage was staying at my cousin's house overnight. She is impeccable with her cleanliness and organization of all of her things. I am so impressed by her on so many levels yet specifically tidiness, cleanliness and organization for the purposes of this post. Sleeping in that organized vibration must have seeped into my bones and my consciousness because all I've wanted to do since I've stayed there is clean, organize and throw out that which is not longer needed (or give it away!)

Yesterday, Vincent and I did a clean sweep of the garage. I've watched the experts on HGTV and Oprah enough times to know the process. We've established what's to be thrown away and it's gone. We've established what is to be given away and it's gone. We established what's staying and some went to storage and now the rest is being organized. Organization and cleaning is what is left for today. The heaviest part of it is done now.

From an energetic view point, we are cleaning and organizing the specific areas of life. While I'm cleaning I also try to stay connected with the intention of improving the flow, balance and well-being of these areas of life based on the bagua as used in Feng Shui:

(Graphic is from click on it to see it better and to go to this person's site.)

  • Relationships and Love

  • Creativity and Children

  • Helpful People and Travel

I'm not a Feng Shui expert yet I am an enthusiast of the ancient art of moving energy with intention. As we continue to clean, organize and shift, I am sure I'll see the effects in all of these areas. I'll let you know what evolves!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Gemstone Do-Over!

My last post had a bit of trouble with the font. I'm not sure what I did to make that happen. Here is the information in a font and size you can read!

Selenite helps to align you with higher consciousness. As you develop spiritually it is beneficial to allow yourself to listen to or sense guidance from your higher self, spirit guides or angels. This stone opens the crown chakra to receive transmissions of information and wisdom. On a physical level it helps with the spine, bone and muscular structure of the body. Selenite is a white stone, though recently I have found red selenite (it looks orange to me) that can re-align the emotional structure of one’s consciousness.

Charoite is a stone that helps to open your consciousness to higher spiritual thought. The purple coloring aids in protection on all levels and for the transformation and transmutation of negativity. The negativity it transforms is not only from outside sources but also from your own negative thoughts that you may not even be aware of. Therefore, charoite is an excellent stone to help you become more conscious in general. As you become more conscious you are able to step onto your spiritual path and consciously move forward assisting others on their path.

Jade is good fortune and good luck. Everything about this stone is good. It promotes loyalty, financial success, synchronicity, excellent health and anything else you can associate with love, joy, happiness and success. The green energy promotes overall well being. Carry this always!

Rhodochrosite opens the heart to give and receive love. You may feel that you are a loving person and yet I would like to have you ask yourself how you are about receiving love, attention and blessings. You may think you are good at receiving yet how do you feel about receiving and allowing loving relationships, close connections, intimate relationships and trusting in the full process of love and relationships. This stone is not just about romantic love but the kind of friendships that are balanced, deep and fulfilling. If you are having some challenges with allowing friends or family into your heart and your physical sacred space then you may want to bring some of the pink energy of rhodochrosite into your energy field. Life is too short to keep people at arm’s distance. Open your heart and allow love!

Amber comes in various shades of golden yellow. It is actually petrified pine resin. Amber helps to allow the energies of love and closeness as mentioned above while still maintaining the appropriate levels of boundaries in relationships. There is a fine balance in combining your energy fields with others. Amber helps maintain a healthy balance by protecting you from energy vampires. It cleanses your aura. Amber is also a balancer of self-esteem and self-confidence. Experiment with these and other gemstones for yourself. Remember, it is the power of your intention, positive thoughts as well as the color, vibration and mineral content that effectuate the change you want in your life.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Crystals and Gemstones

Crystals and gemstones have been used throughout the ages to improve various human conditions. The color and mineral composition lend energy to improving situations from headaches to digestion on a physical level and love loss or mood imbalances on an emotional level. But these rocks don’t stop with just the physical or the emotional aspects of our lives. Crystals and gemstones can help us mentally and spiritually as well. By using your intention combined with the inherent qualities, color and vibration of the gemstone, you can transform any situation with determination and focus. Gemstones are a tool just like you would use a hammer to effectively put a nail into a wall, gemstones help integrate and align you with the intention that you have decided to put into your consciousness and make manifest in the world.

The color and vibration of each of the gemstones relate to and balance one or more of the chakras. There are seven basic energy centers within and around you known as chakras. Each of these energy centers regulates aspects of yourself on a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional level. You want to keep these energy centers in alignment to maintain overall health and well-being. Using a color or chakra meditation is helpful as well as the use of gemstones.
Using gemstones is easy.

Simply carrying the stone in your pocket or purse and touching it from time to time during the day brings your awareness back to your goal or intention. Placing it in your pillow case at night or on your desk where you can see it is another way incorporates it in your life. A tumbled gemstone is small enough to carry in your pocket or put into your pillow case without weighing you down. They are pretty and affordable, too! Of course, wearing gemstone jewelry like a necklace, bracelet or earrings is very effective and attractive as well. Here are a few gemstones you may want to consider.

Selenite helps to align you with higher consciousness. As you develop spiritually it is beneficial to allow yourself to listen to or sense guidance from your higher self, spirit guides or angels. This stone opens the crown chakra to receive transmissions of information and wisdom. On a physical level it helps with the spine, bone and muscular structure of the body. Selenite is a white stone, though recently I have found red selenite (it looks orange to me) that can re-align the emotional structure of one’s consciousness.

Charoite is a stone that helps to open your consciousness to higher spiritual thought. The purple coloring aids in protection on all levels and for the transformation and transmutation of negativity. The negativity it transforms is not only from outside sources but also from your own negative thoughts that you may not even be aware of. Therefore, charoite is an excellent stone to help you become more conscious in general. As you become more conscious you are able to step onto your spiritual path and consciously move forward assisting others on their path.

Jade is good fortune and good luck. Everything about this stone is good. It promotes loyalty, financial success, synchronicity, excellent health and anything else you can associate with love, joy, happiness and success. The green energy promotes overall well being. Carry this always!

Rhodochrosite opens the heart to give and receive love. You may feel that you are a loving person and yet I would like to have you ask yourself how you are about receiving love, attention and blessings. You may think you are good at receiving yet how do you feel about receiving and allowing loving relationships, close connections, intimate relationships and trusting in the full process of love and relationships. This stone is not just about romantic love but the kind of friendships that are balanced, deep and fulfilling. If you are having some challenges with allowing friends or family into your heart and your physical sacred space then you may want to bring some of the pink energy of rhodochrosite into your energy field. Life is too short to keep people at arm’s distance. Open your heart and allow love!

Amber comes in various shades of golden yellow. It is actually petrified pine resin. Amber helps to allow the energies of love and closeness as mentioned above while still maintaining the appropriate levels of boundaries in relationships. There is a fine balance in combining your energy fields with others. Amber helps maintain a healthy balance by protecting you from energy vampires. It cleanses your aura. Amber is also a balancer of self-esteem and self-confidence.

Experiment with these and other gemstones for yourself. Remember, it is the power of your intention, positive thoughts as well as the color, vibration and mineral content that effectuate the change you want in your life.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Babysitting and Pictures of my Children

Vincent and I had the pleasure of babysitting for my cousins. We adored our time with a 2 year old and a 4 year old. What their parents don't know is that we let them get away with so much! But that's what their "Aunt Margaret and Uncle Vincent" do when they come for a short overnight stay. Actually, the worst of it - or the best depending on perspective - was the splashing in the tub. When it was all done, I needed to be put in the dryer and no mop would absorb the level of water that went all over the master bathroom. But when Uncle Vincent made the hurricane come in the bathtub - the winds were so high that water escaped. We all laughed so hard and had such a great time!
My children are different. I have furry and feathered children. I just posted a video of Sha Nay on Facebook. Here are photos of Gabrielle - my 19 year old cat, Sha Nay - my 18 year old macaw parrot, and Mikael - my 19 year old white dove.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Space Clearing

If you wish, clear your space energetically through the use of sacred herbs or pure essential oils and flower essences. The use of smudge is a ceremonial process using herbs, such as sage, cedar, osha, and lavender buds, and resins, such as frankincense, myrrh, and copal. Using these sacred plants and resins does a spiritual house cleaning to clear out old thought forms, past arguments, and negative emotions, and smokes out other uninvited “house guests” from your space. Some of the herbs invite blessings and love to replace that which was cleared.

You can also use essential oils such as lavender, sage, sweet marjoram, pine, and frankincense, along with Holy Water or say prayers of love and well-being into the water yourself to create your own Holy Water. Then add flower essences or sacred site essences to the mix, which also assists in the clearing process. Use the mixture in a spray bottle, then pray into your walls and spray this special mixture around your space to clear out the negative and refill that space with love and well-being. You've seen my posts for Smudge in Spray which is the smokeless alternative to what I am talking about here.

Regardless of which method you choose, and there are many more, be sure that the focus remains on clearing out the negative and replacing that space with love!

As you do this, you will begin to observe the magical manifestation of your actions in the world around you. You will have the clarity to see what relationships may no longer work and the courage to take the action necessary to rectify it. You will have the space to create that new baby or to write that book. You will have the energy to integrate an exercise program because the old energy is no longer weighing you down. You will have created the space to allow for new friendships to develop or a new beloved to enter your life. If you build it, they will come. Build your field of dreams and be sure you have weeded and cleared the land first, so you begin with a fresh new place to plant the seeds of your life.

May we have the motivation to take the first step to clearing out the old stagnant things and energies of our life. May we honor ourselves enough to make our space clear, clean, magical, and loving. May we respect ourselves so that we have the courage to let go of relationships that do not respect us. May we always remember to put Love into every action we take, whether it is letting go of what no longer honors us or inviting in the new magical manifestations that we create.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tools to Awaken Consciousness

I've been on a roll creating air sprays. A friend of mine who creates amazing jewelry,, inspired me to create sprays to match some of her series of jewelry.

As inspiration flowed in our conversation because of her own children, I ended up creating a spray for children first. The intention for the spray is to chase away things that go bump in the night and make kids afraid of the dark. It's also for the dilemma of falling asleep at night when known and unknown fears arise. So I decided this spray is also for adults. I included ingredients that assist is releasing the fear of darkness as well as the fear of having nightmares. So, the spray is complete! It's called Guardian Angel Spray for Children . . . and adults too! Here is a rough first draft of the label.

Guardian Angel Spray for Children
. . . And adults too!

Use this spray to bring pleasant dreams, invoke angels to guard you while you sleep, and bring liquid light to chase away things invisible in the night. Spray it around you and your space. Remember you are always surrounded by Angels of Love and Light!

Ingredients: Water, Mandarin, Orange, Lime, Angelica, Benzoin, Vanilla Extract, Chalice Well Water from Glastonbury, England, Spring Water from Mother Mary’s home in Anatolia, Ephesus, Turkey, Bach Flower Mimulus and Rock Rose Essence, Gemstone Tinctures of Kunzite, Selenite, Amethyst and Apophyllite.
Made with Love by Margaret Ann Lembo. For External Use Only

Notice that I've added Bach Flower Essences and Gemstone Tinctures to this spray. That then inspired me to continue on to make another special request spray. It's called Awaken Consciousness Spray. It's still int he prototype phase so I'll keep you in the loop so you'll know when it's ready. Here is part of the label (I've left the ingredients out for right now because I'm still testing it.)

Awaken Consciousness Spray
Spray around your space with the intention to live, to act and to be your Divine Self. Use this spray to increase your awareness, clear your mind and awaken Higher Consciousness. Improve your intuition, your Divine Timing, your meditation experience and your belief in Unlimited Possibilities!

Coming soon to The Crystal Garden-type store near you! Stay Tuned!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spiritualizing Spring Cleaning

As we move through the ever-turning wheels of the seasons, we enter a new year of the zodiac. When the Sun enters Aries, we celebrate the Spring Equinox and the return of a new life. Here we have a chance for another new beginning, just as we did at the New Year because of our calendar system. We also have the same opportunity with every New Moon, 13 times a year.

How do we prepare for new beginnings? Clear out the old, worn out, or no longer useful to prepare for the new.

So how can you clean and clear your space in anticipation of the arrival of the new in your lifes? It is actually quite simple. You must first find the courage to let go of what is worn out, negative, or not honoring and serving you anymore. It is like an old pair of sneakers that feel so comfortable that we won’t throw it away. Are those sneakers still supporting your feet, legs, and back as best as they could or have they long since passed their usefulness? These are the questions we must ask ourselves literally, regarding physical things in our lives, and metaphorically, regarding our friendships, jobs, and other relationships.

Aaaah . . . and letting go or breaking up is so hard to do!

There is some magic about moving the energy by cleaning our space and our lives. When we clear out what is no longer for our highest good, it opens a creative vacuum to allow for fabulous things to enter in. Are you trying to start something new or manifest something in your life and you feel stuck? Try clearing the clutter of your life and watch the magic happen around you.

Start by cleaning with consciousness, or in other words, clean and clear with intention. To get the ball rolling, start with an easy project or a simple drawer. Dump the contents of the drawer on the floor, your bed, or the table, and sort through it, item by item. While you decide what you will definitely use, consciously connect with each item and put each one back in neatly and with love. And now, for the crucial part of the process, decide what you can Give Away or Throw Away. How often do you use it? Is it broken? Have you ever used it? Does it even fit?

I happened upon a TV show one Sunday afternoon, called Clean Sweep. On this show, a team of people came in and actually completely emptied the rooms to be cleared, bringing everything to the outside of the house. While the team inside cleaned, painted, and fixed the interior, the team outside decided what will be kept, sold, or thrown out. You, too, can create this “clean sweep” in your life by doing internal work whileyou clear your space. Self-observation and a clear awareness of the layers of your consciousness energetically instilled in your physical stuff and clutter may catapult us to higher spiritual awareness.

During this process, become conscious of what is being released. Perhaps there are old memories or stuck emotional energy associated with that shirt that you wore on that day you argued with your loved one. That was then and this is now. Release the past and clear the energy away while you deposit your things into your Give Away Bag. The release is simple. Think the thought that you are releasing the energy as you complete the action of the Give Away and voila! . . . so it is!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Renewal: Rites of Passage

“And the seasons, they go round and round, and the painted ponies go up and down. We’re captive on the Carousel of Time. We can’t return, we can only look behind from where we came and go round and round and round in the circle game.” The Circle Game by Joni Mitchell Here is a little serenade for you with this post:

Whether you are conscious of it or not, the cycles of life continue. You can choose to be conscious and aware of where you are and where you are going. You can also choose to be conscious of where you have been. The point is that we do have choices of how we live our lives.

Often, it is because of where we have been that we make our choices in the present moment that affects our future. We have been blessed with many positive loving experiences in our past. This provides a better chance of more of the same in the future. What if our experiences of the past were not all that positive and we continue forth unconsciously? More than likely, there will be more of the same in the future unless or until we move forward consciously in life. We have free will to grow up, learn, heal and evolve from our experiences, both positive as well as those we may perceive as not so positive with gratitude and consciousness.

Self-awareness is one of the keys for change. Awareness of the cycles of your life, the moon and the sun are tools that assist us. Consciously choosing love is another key. However, being able to love yourself must come first.
Every day, every week, every moon, every season, we have the opportunity for renewal and rebirth and to look at life from the greater perspective. Each night we sleep and dream and hopefully process and look at how we have acted and how we may improve our lives and our selves a bit more with the dawning of the new day. The cycle of a new beginning is provided daily! Ponder on this . . . every day we have the opportunity to do it over until we get it right. When you choose the path of love,you are then able to progress on to the next level of joy, peace and happiness.

Just as we have the opportunity each day to be a better friend, business associate, co-worker, caregiver, significant other or family member, we also have new beginnings with every moon cycle. The new moon each month provides a stepping up place to beginning again. And like wise, each spring when the Sun enters Aries, we start at the beginning of the astrological wheel to go once again through each of the signs of the zodiac. This provides a different flavor of learning with each cycle. Our Vernal Equinox usually falls on or around March 20 each year. The Vernal Equinox is determined by the day that the Sun enters Aries.

In the teachings of the Medicine Wheel, the Vernal Equinox is located at the east doorway. The east is where the sun rises, the dawning of a new day, the opportunity to begin again and live life better. Better and better, every day in every way. I love that affirmation. Let me give that to you again. I AM BETTER AND BETTER, EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY!

Perhaps you will choose to consciously work with the energies presented with this season. Now is the time. Clean out the closets of your home, your heart, your body and your mind. Then consciously choose. With what will you refill those cleared out spaces? You may have already planted the seeds that have been growing beneath the surface. So weed your personal garden, and choose what you will fertilize and let grow and what will you choose to pull out as a weed.

“ . . . and go round and round and round in the circle game.” Enjoy the carousel ride!