Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Home for the New Year!

I guess the Universe has decided I need an extended rest. Not that long ago I blogged about being Superwoman! Ha! That came back and bit me in the . . . Now I have acute bronchitis and I'm required to stop, rest, heal, nurture, blog, read books, crochet, rest, sleep, watch TV and movies, and recapture my essence. This photo is a picture of my rose hip tea. Read on . . . I talk about it further down.

My Mom's Birthday in Heaven is on January 6 so the lung and bronchial challenge can be related to the grief. I'm sure there is more. Perhaps I've agitated a few people so their negative thoughts about me can weaken my energy field. (Yes, being in a boss, president of an organization, a landlord, etc. can cause people to not agree with me or dislike me because of the business decisions that I must make for the highest good. Aaaah - such is life.) Overall, I am well liked and loved by many - Thank God/Goddess!

I believe in the middle road as my friend, Melissa, put it. I use antibiotics and other prescribed medication combined with alternative healing methods. While I'm resting, I do get to search within to uncover or discover how I manifest this pattern of getting ill at this time every year for about 12 years.

So, uncovering these various things plus more that I will not discuss on the Internet, helps me in the healing process and in my own personal and spiritual development. It's called self-observation. Self-observation is a tool to observe my habits, actions and reactions without judgement yet being consciously aware of them.

I also like to use essential oils and herbs to assist in the healing process. My good friend and business associate, Di Knuckle, in Sturbridge, MA owns Earth Spirits - An Herbal Apothecary. She saw my post on Facebook about being sick and she gave me some healing tips while reminding me to apply what I already know. She's sending me some Bronchial Brew and other good things. If you go to Sturbridge, go see Di and her fabulous store. I've taught there and I do hope to return there again. I really like that area and Di and her sales team are really fabulous.

I did take some photos to share with you about my adventures in healing. First, I decided to ear candle. It made a significant difference as it relieved my sinus headache that went along with the bronchitis. I even posted it on Facebook. It shocked some people I think. I understand everyone wants to look good on Facebook. OK, I can see that yet I also want to be me on Facebook. It's a great way to share ideas.

Anyway, removing the excess wax has always helped me clear out toxins and relieve pressure. The mango trees are in full bloom here. I live in an area called Mango Hill. There are groves remaining amongst the homes and backyards of my neighborhood. It seems a bit early for the mango trees to be in full bloom, but a friend of mine told me they bloom in January. So, perhaps it's a month early because it's like springtime here. As long as we don't have any heavy winds or severe drops in temperature it'll be a bumper crop this year. I'll have to learn how to make mango preserves and chutney. That'll be fun!

In the process of figuring out what else I could do, I decided to pull out my reserve of Rose Hips. I personally collected these rose hips high in the mountains in the valley of Durango, CO. My cousin, Maria, and I happily gathered them off the rose bushes by her home and neighboring homes along CR 203 in Hermosa, CO nestled in the valley where the Durango-Silverton Railroad choo-choos by. It's a piece of heaven in my cousins land. Anyway, after collecting the rose hips, we set them out to dry in the sun on a screen. I gathered them into this jar and pull out my stash when I don't feel very well. It's nurturing because of the high levels of Vitamin C, but also because of the good memories with my cousin who I love so much! I do hope to return to Hermosa for a visit soon Perhaps this summer Vincent and I could find time to run over to see her after INATS West in Denver in June.
Well, that's enough blogging for now. It's time to rest again. I love to play on the Internet, updating this and that yet balance will prevail. I'll enjoy a bit of time in my backyard under my 200 year old oak tree as I listen to the waterfall which flows into my pool while reading a novel. How delightful!
Happy New Year! We do sell ear candles at the brick and mortar location of The Crystal Garden. Most health food stores like Nutrition Cottage in Delray Beach and Boynton Beach or Whole Foods (nationwide) sell ear candles.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

. . . 'tis the Season!

Aaaahhh - the joys of the Holiday Season. Or is it just a shopping frenzy? I am so grateful to have The Crystal Garden which is definitely a sanctuary any time of the year yet at the holidays it seems to be extraordinarily special. I've shopped in person and online this year. It wasn't too bad because it appears I either pick the right time to go into a store or people aren't buzzing at the mall this year due to the "shrinking economy."

We must be doing something right at The Crystal Garden. It isn't shrinking at all. It's expanding daily. This year's numbers YTD are definitely up over last year. So why is my business doing well? I'd have to guess because of our genuine intention to serve and help people have a happier more fulfilling life. I say "our intention" because it's not just me! It's my whole staff. Every single one of us - Pam, Dawn, Tecia, Chrissy and myself - we all want to assist you. Not just shopping your way through the store (although that's great and thank you) but to help you feel the love and well-being that each and everyone deserves.

People audibly sigh when they enter our doors. We maintain a "no cell phone zone" and usher people out to take their calls on our front sidewalk with our live lucky cats. They return to continue their shopping with their cell phones silenced so everyone enjoying the store can have a respit from the sounds of cell phone rings!

It also smells so good inside The Crystal Garden. Our customers comment on that all the time.

Many people come to visit with Sha Nay, my blue and gold macaw. She is definitely a character and quite good looking. But Mikael, the white dove, is also a phenomenon! Mikael is 19 years old, flys around the store and laughs and coos. This peace dove has a new trick. He sits on top of the earring spinner rack, removes the peace sign earrings from the earring card and then looks at you and laughs! What a kick!
He's no ordinary bird!!! We love all our animals.
Anyway, it's time for me to get ready for a yoga class. I'm going to try to take today to rest. I'll be working straight through til Christmas. Aaaaaa . . . tis the Season!
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thoughts on Being . . . . Superwoman!

Mama Mia! I am constantly amazed at how much I get done, how much work I still have yet to do, how much more I accept to do, and how much I want to just sit and read a good book under my favorite quilt.

One of my staff at The Crystal Garden has convinced herself that I don't sleep at night but instead, plug into a wall socket to recharge as I keep on going. My best friend, Melissa Applegate, thinks most humans can do only 20% of what I accomplish. So, now I'm bragging a bit, yet it feels good to pat myself. I can hear my mother from the Other Side saying, "Margaret, SPS! Self Praise Stinks!" The thing is - I'm not so sure it's a compliment to be over-the-top the way I am with working on so many things.

There is a downside. I love to garden and despite my distant admiration, my garden continues to bloom and grow. I know some weeds would like to be pulled. I also know it's time to feed my plants their fertilizer. (For those of you reading who don't know - I live in South Florida. It's good to fertilize when the weather cools down - it's 77 degrees! HA!)

Lately, I have been pausing to attend my yoga classes. I have a great instructor, Mary Rosi, at my store, The Crystal Garden. I like the realignment the class provides to me. My body feels stronger, my mind is clearer, my emtions more balanced and my connection with the spiritual realm is reinforced. It makes for a better yoga practice when Mary suggests to dedicate the practice for that given class to someone or something that is important to you. This is a very effective tool. I've dedicated my practice to my manuscript, Crystal Consciousness, which is soon to be published by Llewellyn Worldwide. You may want to get on my mailing list so you can be in on the first copies that hit the shelves. Sign up at

I've also dedicated my practice to my father, Al Lembo, who is 95 years old. WOW! He's an amazing man and I've learned so much from him. If it wasn't for his generosity, financial support and constant you-can-do-it encouragement, we all wouldn't have The Crystal Garden today. So cheers to Al Lembo and my mother Antoinette. (She's guardian spirit now . . . .) I believe I got my super powers from my family heritage. My father always had many jobs going on at the same time and so does my brother today. It must be coursing through my veins to accomplish all that I do.

Yet I must say, I really love it! I'm very creative and I feel I have a mission. I know I only have a specific time frame in which to achieve it so I have to hurry up and get it done. I am Divinely Guided so I can't ignore the responsibility to serve my fellow humans.
  • I know I must continue to publish books, oracle decks, spoken audio CDs and more.
  • I know I must assist my fellow retailers, authors, vendors on a national level by serving as President for the Coalition of Visionary Resources.
  • I know I must run my father's businesses to ensure the funds to care for him and preserve his work for my sister, my brother and I.
  • I know I must be a good friend and partner to my sweetheart Vincent.
  • I know I must be a good family member to my cousins, neices, nephews and more.
  • I know I must be a good friend to my friends.
  • I know I must be a good manager and leader for my staff and the community.
So, I'll stop and plug in for a while, re-charge and revitalize!!! I don't look too bad - actually I look marvelous! I'm smiling at YOU!
Truth be told, I'm off to my chiropractor and then to Macy's. See I do stop and play a bit!
Many Blessings,
Margaret Ann

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Crystal Consciousness

I'm done! I've finished the manuscript. Thanks to Melissa Applegate for her help in editing!

I've sent the final manuscript off to Llewellyn. Let's all pause now for a moment of heartfelt prayer that Llewellyn and all the powers that be at the publishing house LOVE my book. I know the content is really extraordinary. The approach I've taken with the teachings are different than any other book in it's genre.

I'm much more relaxed now that the book has left my desk. Now it's time to focus on preparing for the pre-publication blitz and the holidays.

I had such a great visit to NYC. I spent time with my family for Thanksgiving (and edited the book late at night.) Vincent took me into Manhattan to all the spots I wanted to visit.

First we stopped at East West Bookshop NYC. I'll be there in June while I'm up at the Book Expo of America at the Jacob Javits Center. I've spoken at East West Bookshop in Seattle last June.

Vincent took me to lunch at a quaint Italian Restaurant on 14th Street then we jumped on a subway to head uptown. We walked past Radio City Music Hall on the way to Rockefeller Center.

After a few photo ops we continued through the throngs of tourists for a quick prayer at St. Patrick's Cathedral. Actually, we sat, kneeled and prayed for over a half hour there. We headed out again in the 41 degree weather (says the Palm Beach girl) to meet Vincent's nephew, Kevin, for a cup of coffee. We ended up at Trump Tower. We sat and chatted for hours.

Our final walk brought us past Bergdoff Goodman. My mom was a seamstress for very famous people there back in the 1940's. She had a career of over 12 years there. So my nostalgic connection with Mommy had me pay homage to the place. Afterall, I was generally spoiled with the fanciest dresses! I was a little doll! (ooops - self-praise? naaaah . . . gratitude for gorgeous dresses and Mary Janes!)

We stopped at the Apple store - their flagship store and took the glass tubular elevator down to visit the Genius Bar. I really tried to get myself to switch to an Apple Mac Book Pro but couldn't leave the PC behind. I just ordered my Dell Latitude. Customer service was great with Dell. (and Apple has excellent sales people as well!)

Finally, we walked down 59th Street past all the fancy expensive hotels on our left and Central Park on our right. We ended up at the Time Warner Building for a green salad at the Whole Foods on the bottom floor. mmmmmm . . . .

We all had a great time! I LOVE NY!