Friday, June 27, 2008

New Age Trade Show - I'm shopping!

This blog is turning into a travel log! I'm in Denver now and enjoying the mile high city. I'm with all my fellow retailers, vendors and publishers from around the world at the International New Age Trade Show. I'll be buying new books, treasures and ROCKS at this show so any of you who live in South Florida - get ready for beautiful new treasures and inspiring books and CDs for your spirit. Going Green, Fair Trade and Buying Local are the theme of this year's show. I look forward to integrating what I've learned into The Crystal Garden and sharing the info with you for your business and life.

Besides shopping for the store, I'm a vendor sharing space with a dear friend. He's selling my Guided Meditations CDs and the Smudge In Spray at his booth for me to retailers around the world. The wholesale division of The Crystal Garden is growing a little bit each year. That's how I build the retail aspect so why not the wholesale division, right?

I will also be the emcee for 2 events - the opening breakfast and the evening banquet. That should be fun! I'll spend some time providing readings for fellow retailers using my Angel Gemstone Oracle.

I'm reading a really good book that one of my long standing customers brought to my attention. It's called Anastasia by Vladimir Megre. It's the first book of 8 books of the Ringing Cedars Series. We carry them at The Crystal Garden. It's really good and I can't wait to read the others.

Well, time to rest as I have 3 more days of non-stop day and night buying, socializing, reading, and speaking.

Sending Love and Blessings your way from Denver!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's warming up!

I'm in Portland now. I really like the energy here. New Renaissance Bookshop is really lovely. It is a store that is very similar to The Crystal Garden. This store is in 3 old 2-story houses. One of the houses is where the event center is located. The other 2 are for the actual merchandise and readings. I'll be reading there today.

I must say that although it never stopped raining in Bellingham I did like it there. I know I would have loved it more with a bit of warmth and sunshine! We stayed in the home of a dear friend with her cat, Oliver. Oliver was very talkative and enjoyed as much petting as we would care to provide.

Bellingham is the home of Wise Awakening. We experienced the Interdimensional Sound Chamber there. That was a really profound experience.
And as coincidence would have it, I was able to sit with Sha Na Ra, the Crystal Skull that is now owned by the Nick Nocerino family. Kirby, the caretaker, had it with him and I was able to connect with him and the skull just an hour before his departure. This is the 2nd crystal skull I've had the pleasure to connect with. Back in around 1995, Max - the skull - was brought to The Crystal Garden for a showing and meditation. In fact, Nick Nocerino was there that day as well.
So, even amidst the rain and cold there are many blessings. Today will be 68 degrees and I'm pleased. After my day of readings I look forward to enjoy the neighborhood and find a quaint restaurant in one of the old houses on the avenue.
Blessings from the road!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pacific Northwest

I'm on the road again. The trip this time is a tour through 4 different stores that I mentioned in the previous post. We just came back from R & R on Orcas which is an island in the Pacific Ocean - part of the San Juan Islands. It was so restful and relaxing. We stayed in an authentic log cabin on the beach within an old growth forest. We had no internet, cell phone or TV services. I read 3 novels, slept, rested, walked the pebbled beach and restored my energy. It was just what I needed.

I am not used to the cold rainy weather of this area. It certainly is green and lush which creates an enchanted feeling in the forests. I am missing the sun and the warmth. I didn't realize what a Floridian I've turned into over the past 33 years!

It looks like we may make it to Vancouver tomorrow as we are so close. I hear it is lovely.

I'm working on final revisions on my book so it can be to the publisher on time. Hold the vision with me!

Thanks for reading and post me a note!