Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pacific Northwest

I'm on the road again. The trip this time is a tour through 4 different stores that I mentioned in the previous post. We just came back from R & R on Orcas which is an island in the Pacific Ocean - part of the San Juan Islands. It was so restful and relaxing. We stayed in an authentic log cabin on the beach within an old growth forest. We had no internet, cell phone or TV services. I read 3 novels, slept, rested, walked the pebbled beach and restored my energy. It was just what I needed.

I am not used to the cold rainy weather of this area. It certainly is green and lush which creates an enchanted feeling in the forests. I am missing the sun and the warmth. I didn't realize what a Floridian I've turned into over the past 33 years!

It looks like we may make it to Vancouver tomorrow as we are so close. I hear it is lovely.

I'm working on final revisions on my book so it can be to the publisher on time. Hold the vision with me!

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