Saturday, May 10, 2008

Moving as fast as I can!

Life is moving quickly. I am really enjoying all that is going on but man - it's all moving so fast. I must say that I am very happy with all that is happening.

I am leaving on Thursday to go to College Park, MD to Spark of Spirit. I'll be teaching the Crystal Healer Certification. Then I'll soon be off to the Pacific Northwest where I will be touring at 4 different stores. I am very excited to be at Wise Awakening in Bellingham, WA, East West Bookshop in Seattle, New Renaissance Bookshop in Portland, OR and then Healing Haven in Astoria. How cool is that!?

The only challenge I have is how to get everything done for all the businesses I run. Thank goodness my friend, Sandi, is taking on the job of updating my website. I have an amazingly fabulous staff in the companies that I run - so I think I should just chill my petunias.

My first book will be out by next Fall but first I must finish the manuscript!! Minor details? No! A major detail. Things keep arising that seemingly keep me from having my 'blocked off' days for writing. All of these things are extremely important. For example, my 94 and a half year old Dad had to have his 10 year old pacemaker replaced. Seeing as it is a surgical procedure, it is a big deal - especially at that age. I'm the only child nearby so I'm the 'daughter-on-duty' and I do so happily.He's doing great - Thank Goodness!

Other businesses are requiring meeting with officials that just can't wait so I am sending off prayers to the angels of this book to make it all work so the deadline is easily met! I have 14 chapters written and 2 more that need quite a bit of work. It'll all get done. (That's my affirmation!)

Well, time to do a few things - like finish the book, so I'll sign off for now!

Angel Blessings,

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