Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gem Spot - Malachite

Malachite is green - the color of the heart. It has patterns upon patterns of swirling shades of green representing the lessons of the heart that we go through within this lifetime effectuating healing for this life and past lives. Malachite is a stone that helps one get to the heart of the matter. As we repeat patterns in relationships again and again, we finally get that there is a lesson to be learn after enough repeat performances. The emerging pattern with one relationship after the other helps us to grow up mentall, emotional and spiritually.

When we finally realize that a pattern has emerged or rather that we have emerged from the maze or the labyrinth of the heart just as portrayed within the swirling maze of the shades of green within malachite. What patterns are you repeating? Are you ready to emerge from the labyrinth?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Gem Spot - Selenite and Kyanite

I'm writing today's Gem Spot post flying at 36,000 ft on my way to speaking engagements in San Diego. I automatically think of selenite and kyanite because of the loft energy of these two rocks. These two gemstones raise your vibrations providing the opportunity to connect with higher consciousness. Selenite, when used with conscious intent, raises your energy allowing for a higher frequency to hook up with your mind and thoughts. Kyanite twins up nicely with selenite aligning your energy centers so they are harmoniously working to provide a perfect vessel for communication with the higher realm.

Conscious intent is necessary when working with any gemstone. This means you are purposefully putting your awareness and thoughts on using the inherent vibration and the color of the gemstone to bring you intention into manifest reality. Put simply, think the thought you want to create while looking at or holding the gemstone. Be mindful to rid your thoughts of thinks you do not want and stay focused on what you do want.

You can practice this now by looking at these photos and making a decision about receiving messages from your very highest vibrational guides and angels. The next step is to believe you are able and worthy to receive guidance from the highest realm. Pay attention to the signs from above that come in sometimes subtle ways. Messages come through visits from animals, movies you watch, bumper stickers you notice, and songs you hear. Be mindful of the inner voice and trust your intuition. Decide you can trust your inner guidance. You'll never know if you can trust your inner guidance until you try - so just do it!!

I'm sending crystalline thoughts of Love and Well-Being you way as I fly through the air with the greatest of ease - and now as I'm on the ground and actually online posting this from San Diego. California dreaming , , , ,

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gem Spot - Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is favored by many people. And it's no wonder, because this pink quartz radiates love, comfort, compassion, well-being and a "dome of  Love."

A number of years ago I was in relationship with a man who was extremely negative. It took me longer than I would have liked to realize it before I disengaged from that connection. I learned a lot during the process. The red flag should have gone up when he responded to something I said that was positive and loving about the world. His reaction in a very nasty tone was, "What's wrong with you? Do you live in a Dome of Love?" I responded in my joyful and sometimes child-like way, "Oh, yes! Would you like to step into the Dome for a while? It's quite nice in here."

He would have no part of the Dome of Love which also was a dome of Integrity, Truth, Impecability and much more. His vibration couldn't handle it. I always have hope for people which is why I hung on to that relationship for a while. I finally woke up to realize I deserved someone who already lived in their own dome of Love, Integrity, Truth . . . and so on.

Rose quartz is a good relationship stone. It's good for bringing more love into all types of relationships. We have many types of relationships; the relationship with yourself, platonic relationships, work/career relationships, parental relationships, sibling relationships, animal relationships, garden relationships - OK  . . . we have a relationship with All That Is.

Take the time to contemplate Love and what the All That Is means to you.

What does your Dome of Love feel like? Tell me!