Sunday, August 24, 2008

Developing Intuition with the Angels

I remember when I was planning on attending the Angel Therapy Practitioner® in Laguna Beach, California with Dr. Doreen Virtue. I believe it was in 2006 that I flew out to step up to another level. My friends all thought I was a bit nuts. They told me, "Margaret, you've been lecturing on angels since 1991. You have been connected with them since you were a baby! Why are you spending all that money in hotels, car, airfare and the course fee to attend an event that you already could teach yourself?"

At that moment in time I was Divinely Guided. I had met Doreen around 1995 or there abouts - she presented an event at my store before she was famous. In fact, she even slept over my house. We stayed up late sharing and relaxing.

I just knew I was supposed to take that course with her. So, I did and I am so very glad that I did. Doreen still offer the Angel Therapy Practitioner® - I think she's offering it in Hawaii now. Well, I've developed a similar course which I have called the Angel Messenger Practitioner™ Program. It follows a similar course schedule as Doreen Virtue's program but I've made it more my own version to also include working with the Gemstone Oracle™ . The Gemstone Oracle™ is a system for divination using crystals and colors to identify what's happening within a person's life.

I feel that the most profound thing that occurred for me by attending this course was that it gave me the courage to step up to the next level of fulfilling my Divine Purpose. It catapulted me to adding to the private counseling skills that I already had in place. This enabled me to offer private sessions in addition to events when I travel to teach and tour with my Guided Meditation Cd's.

The traveling developed my platform. What is a platform? It's a network of people and connections with stores and centers around the country who are interested in you and your work. I was working toward being a published author - and I still am - and one needs a platform in order to have a publishing house be at all interested in you. That includes a good email list as well. So the Angels helped move me to the next level. I am about to publish my first book. With the good editing of Llewellyn's professional team, my book on Crystal Healing will be out on the shelves in 2009.

Back to the Angel Messenger Practitioner™ program:

Are you interested in developing your intuitive skills? Would you like to provide insights or readings for yourself and others? Do you already recognize that you are profoundly clairvoyant or psychic but just haven't had the courage to really use it to help others and yourself while increasing your income?

Well, if you want to help others through spiritual counseling but just need the training, I now encourage you to join the Angel Messenger Practitioner Program TM that will be offered on Sept 12, 13 and 14th. Find out more. You can pay online, in person or even on layaway. There is time to pay a bit each week to enable yourself to connect with your intuitive powers on a higher and deeper level through this training with the Angels. Although I will be facilitating, Archangel Michael is the one in charge!

Do come!

Angel Blessings,
Margaret Ann and Archangel Michael

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay in South Florida

Greetings all!
I've temporarily closed the store until weather conditions improve. The tropical storm wasn't supposed to turn right until Tarpon Springs. Wasn't it listening to the news? Overnight we ended up with a pretty intense storm but nothing like the other 3 that I've been through.

Hurricane Wilma had ripped roofs off of one of my father's properties and Wilma also created the need for a renovation of The Crystal Garden. In the end it was OK - but during it - intense!

So, one tornado touched down in Wellington. They just lifted the Tornado Warning but we are still on Tornado Watch until 4 pm today. We've had a lot of rain. Fay is moving slowly and dumping a lot of rain so we are also under Flood Warnings. My pool is full to the brim now.

I've batten down the hatches. It's a Florida Snow Day! I'm glued to the TV and keeping my phones charged in case we lose power.

The experience of storms like these really keeps you on your toes with preparedness. I always take them seriously and stay off the roads until we get the all clear. There is really nothing that can't wait until tomorrow unless you are an emergency worker or a health care professional.

I am grateful for a day of rest. My headache has subsided. I guess the barometric pressure made an impact on my sinuses. After my hot shower I candled my ears using Ear Candles. It provides relief by pulling the excess wax that has accumulated out of the ear.

An ear candle is a rolled wax paper that is a long hollow cone shape. I drape a towel over the shoulder of the ear that I am about to wax, pull back my hair as I stand before my mirror above the sink in my bathroom. Then I light the candle and place the unlit end into my ear making sure that the hollow opening is aligned with my ear canal. As the candle burns down, I sometimes cut off some of the hanging burned debris and make sure the opening isn't squished from putting it into my ear canal. I replace the ear candle until it burns down to a point that I don't want to hold it anymore. I place the fire end of the candle under running water. After it cools for a moment I cut it open to observe how much wax came out.

OK - some of you are probably say - ooh gross! TMI - too much information. But I betcha some of you wanted to know how those ear candles work and how to do it, right? The first couple of times I candled my ears I had someone else do it for me. Most people have others do it for them, but I'm just fine by the bathroom sink in front of the mirror. It works great! I often will ear candle my ears before a flight to prevent that painful ear ache that can occur when I've had some sinus challenges.

Well, I must go see what's happening on VIPIR 5 radar to check if any tornadoes are in the area. If so, I'll jump in a closet until it's over. I'll take my radio to listen to know it's safe to come out of the closet!

Tropical Blessings,
Margaret Ann

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Summer Days in the Northeast

I've arrived in Springfield for the weekend. Tomorrow I have a full day of Angel Gemstone Oracle Sessions and Past Life Regressions. I'll do a repeat on Monday after a full weekend of teaching the Crystal Healer Certification course - both Level 1 and Level 2.

I'm really looking forward to Friday. Vincent and I will head over to the Gem and Mineral Show so I can shop, shop and shop some more for The Crystal Garden. I'm sure we'll use some of those gems over the weekend during the course at Michelle McCarthy's Heart to Heart Healing Connection. (There are still a few spaces left in the course so if you live in the area you can still sign up!)

During Level 1 we delve into the many levels of each of the chakras. The deeper understanding of the chakras really helps you look deeper into yourself. With this self-awareness you can make transformational shifts in your life. But only if you want to! I find the use of complimentary colors very effective for restoring balance. For example, when someone is angry you would want to add more blue energy and blue stones into their life. Similarly, if you are constantly spraining an ankle or having any other types of inflammations including headaches, then the blue vibration - not the red energy - will restore health and well-being while you uncover the underlying cause of the challenge.

Level 2 is fun because it's the time to develop the third eye, exercise the spiritual body and spiritual sight while reading the body and practicing crystal alignments. The laying on of crystals is fun and feels so good. The depth of relaxation that is elicited during the experience is so healing for the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies.

Well, as I sit here in my Hampton Inn hotel room, I realize it is time to get back to a boring job. I need to copy all of my contacts into a Word document because I want to get an IPhone - the new 3G version. I can't wait. My Sanyo phone is pretty old as far as cell phones go - so there isn't a way that I am aware of to download my contacts into the new IPhone. If anyone knows how - please email me! Or post your comments here.

Off to the world of Contacts in my cell phone . . . .

Friday, August 1, 2008

Preparing for the Future

As the time approaches that my book will be published, I realize that my life and my world is evolving into a new reality. I'm reading books to help me learn how to publicize my book and preparing to go on tour next year around the country. I've realized that I am starting yet another career and it's time to learn the ins and outs of the publishing industry. I am loving it and very excited about it all.

Today, I worked on my Author's Questionnaire. The information within this questionnaire is the foundational tool for marketing my book for my publishing house. It's common that a publishing house will want this information so the publicist, once they are assigned to me, had the basics on what my book is about, who will want to read it and how it's different from other books on the same subject. It also lays the groundwork for my marketing plan. It was very enlightening to put this all together today. I've sent it off to my acquisitions editor so I will know what needs to be corrected and tweaked.

By the way, my book is about the intentional creation of reality, how to use crystals, aromatherapy and space clearing with instructions to facilitate chakra balancing, crystal alignments and spiritual healing sessions. That's it in a nutshell. I can't wait to see it all put together. It will have color photos, positive affirmations for each gemstone, information on the activation of the grids of light and my memories of Atlantis.

It's hard to say what the final title will be. I've been brainstorming on that lately. I'll be working with my editor on that and I know it will be fabulous. I'm trying to envision the cover. My publisher is Llewellyn Worldwide. I am so pleased to be published by them. They've been around for more than 100 years! Llewellyn has published books on metaphysics, astrology, magic, spirituality, alternative healing, and associated new age topics.

I've started compiling endorsements from authors I've known for years. Almost everyone that I've asked has agreed to write a promotional blurb for my book. I am so grateful for that. And, many of them I've known for many years and have helped them promote their books and their work through The Crystal Garden. I guess it's time for the good dharma to return to me. How nice!

Well, stay tuned. It's all very exciting as I find my way into the world of being an author!