Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Summer Days in the Northeast

I've arrived in Springfield for the weekend. Tomorrow I have a full day of Angel Gemstone Oracle Sessions and Past Life Regressions. I'll do a repeat on Monday after a full weekend of teaching the Crystal Healer Certification course - both Level 1 and Level 2.

I'm really looking forward to Friday. Vincent and I will head over to the Gem and Mineral Show so I can shop, shop and shop some more for The Crystal Garden. I'm sure we'll use some of those gems over the weekend during the course at Michelle McCarthy's Heart to Heart Healing Connection. (There are still a few spaces left in the course so if you live in the area you can still sign up!)

During Level 1 we delve into the many levels of each of the chakras. The deeper understanding of the chakras really helps you look deeper into yourself. With this self-awareness you can make transformational shifts in your life. But only if you want to! I find the use of complimentary colors very effective for restoring balance. For example, when someone is angry you would want to add more blue energy and blue stones into their life. Similarly, if you are constantly spraining an ankle or having any other types of inflammations including headaches, then the blue vibration - not the red energy - will restore health and well-being while you uncover the underlying cause of the challenge.

Level 2 is fun because it's the time to develop the third eye, exercise the spiritual body and spiritual sight while reading the body and practicing crystal alignments. The laying on of crystals is fun and feels so good. The depth of relaxation that is elicited during the experience is so healing for the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies.

Well, as I sit here in my Hampton Inn hotel room, I realize it is time to get back to a boring job. I need to copy all of my contacts into a Word document because I want to get an IPhone - the new 3G version. I can't wait. My Sanyo phone is pretty old as far as cell phones go - so there isn't a way that I am aware of to download my contacts into the new IPhone. If anyone knows how - please email me! Or post your comments here.

Off to the world of Contacts in my cell phone . . . .


Rae said...

Hi Margaret, good to hear from you and enjoy your blog, and good luck in publishing. Love your comments about the rabbits eating pineapples. We had a neighbor who had rabbits, and I used to also-- when the neighbor's rabbits passed away, Hal and I would have to bury them on the grounds-- so I am the last one remaining on the block who knows where the rabbits and all the other pets are buried, since Pat, the neighbor and Hal are now also gone-- a real surprise for all the new homeowners...

Celina McMahon said...

I just want to again thank you again for an amazing day of learning and insights! Have a safe trip home.

Jess said...

Hi Margaret ~

Thank you so much for an incredible class a couple of weeks ago. I am still processing everything I learned in that weekend. :) It was truly healing, and I'm so grateful you offered it in our space!

Blessings & gratitude ~ Jess