Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay in South Florida

Greetings all!
I've temporarily closed the store until weather conditions improve. The tropical storm wasn't supposed to turn right until Tarpon Springs. Wasn't it listening to the news? Overnight we ended up with a pretty intense storm but nothing like the other 3 that I've been through.

Hurricane Wilma had ripped roofs off of one of my father's properties and Wilma also created the need for a renovation of The Crystal Garden. In the end it was OK - but during it - intense!

So, one tornado touched down in Wellington. They just lifted the Tornado Warning but we are still on Tornado Watch until 4 pm today. We've had a lot of rain. Fay is moving slowly and dumping a lot of rain so we are also under Flood Warnings. My pool is full to the brim now.

I've batten down the hatches. It's a Florida Snow Day! I'm glued to the TV and keeping my phones charged in case we lose power.

The experience of storms like these really keeps you on your toes with preparedness. I always take them seriously and stay off the roads until we get the all clear. There is really nothing that can't wait until tomorrow unless you are an emergency worker or a health care professional.

I am grateful for a day of rest. My headache has subsided. I guess the barometric pressure made an impact on my sinuses. After my hot shower I candled my ears using Ear Candles. It provides relief by pulling the excess wax that has accumulated out of the ear.

An ear candle is a rolled wax paper that is a long hollow cone shape. I drape a towel over the shoulder of the ear that I am about to wax, pull back my hair as I stand before my mirror above the sink in my bathroom. Then I light the candle and place the unlit end into my ear making sure that the hollow opening is aligned with my ear canal. As the candle burns down, I sometimes cut off some of the hanging burned debris and make sure the opening isn't squished from putting it into my ear canal. I replace the ear candle until it burns down to a point that I don't want to hold it anymore. I place the fire end of the candle under running water. After it cools for a moment I cut it open to observe how much wax came out.

OK - some of you are probably say - ooh gross! TMI - too much information. But I betcha some of you wanted to know how those ear candles work and how to do it, right? The first couple of times I candled my ears I had someone else do it for me. Most people have others do it for them, but I'm just fine by the bathroom sink in front of the mirror. It works great! I often will ear candle my ears before a flight to prevent that painful ear ache that can occur when I've had some sinus challenges.

Well, I must go see what's happening on VIPIR 5 radar to check if any tornadoes are in the area. If so, I'll jump in a closet until it's over. I'll take my radio to listen to know it's safe to come out of the closet!

Tropical Blessings,
Margaret Ann

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