Sunday, August 24, 2008

Developing Intuition with the Angels

I remember when I was planning on attending the Angel Therapy Practitioner® in Laguna Beach, California with Dr. Doreen Virtue. I believe it was in 2006 that I flew out to step up to another level. My friends all thought I was a bit nuts. They told me, "Margaret, you've been lecturing on angels since 1991. You have been connected with them since you were a baby! Why are you spending all that money in hotels, car, airfare and the course fee to attend an event that you already could teach yourself?"

At that moment in time I was Divinely Guided. I had met Doreen around 1995 or there abouts - she presented an event at my store before she was famous. In fact, she even slept over my house. We stayed up late sharing and relaxing.

I just knew I was supposed to take that course with her. So, I did and I am so very glad that I did. Doreen still offer the Angel Therapy Practitioner® - I think she's offering it in Hawaii now. Well, I've developed a similar course which I have called the Angel Messenger Practitioner™ Program. It follows a similar course schedule as Doreen Virtue's program but I've made it more my own version to also include working with the Gemstone Oracle™ . The Gemstone Oracle™ is a system for divination using crystals and colors to identify what's happening within a person's life.

I feel that the most profound thing that occurred for me by attending this course was that it gave me the courage to step up to the next level of fulfilling my Divine Purpose. It catapulted me to adding to the private counseling skills that I already had in place. This enabled me to offer private sessions in addition to events when I travel to teach and tour with my Guided Meditation Cd's.

The traveling developed my platform. What is a platform? It's a network of people and connections with stores and centers around the country who are interested in you and your work. I was working toward being a published author - and I still am - and one needs a platform in order to have a publishing house be at all interested in you. That includes a good email list as well. So the Angels helped move me to the next level. I am about to publish my first book. With the good editing of Llewellyn's professional team, my book on Crystal Healing will be out on the shelves in 2009.

Back to the Angel Messenger Practitioner™ program:

Are you interested in developing your intuitive skills? Would you like to provide insights or readings for yourself and others? Do you already recognize that you are profoundly clairvoyant or psychic but just haven't had the courage to really use it to help others and yourself while increasing your income?

Well, if you want to help others through spiritual counseling but just need the training, I now encourage you to join the Angel Messenger Practitioner Program TM that will be offered on Sept 12, 13 and 14th. Find out more. You can pay online, in person or even on layaway. There is time to pay a bit each week to enable yourself to connect with your intuitive powers on a higher and deeper level through this training with the Angels. Although I will be facilitating, Archangel Michael is the one in charge!

Do come!

Angel Blessings,
Margaret Ann and Archangel Michael


Karmachick said...

Are you offering the course at a later time this year? I will be out of town that weekend but am REALLY interested in attending. I just love your store!

Margaret AnnLembo said...

Hi Karmachick!

So glad you love The Crystal Garden. So do I!!

I will not be offering this course again this year. I don't have another one scheduled at this time. I will be on tour next year with the book and I have to get handle on when I'll be in town to offer it. I sure wish you could make it this time.