Monday, April 28, 2008

Management Styles

My good friend, T.T. Douglas, who just posted a comment under the Home Again post, wrote a book titled One Hundered and Twenty Five Corporate Management Types Plus Two. This book has a summarizes description of the many manager types whou many have made or are presently making your life difficult. This is a book that will make you laugh.

I'm not finished reading yet and I wonder how many of those management types I'll fit into. I've been in the management role (sometimes it's lonely at the top) for so long so I know that it will be a humorous look at myself. Hopefully I haven't had too many of my staff over the years telling their significant other terrible things about me! It's always my intention to treat everyone with love and respect and yet as an owner of a business I just can't help wanting things done my way. It's one of the privileges of business ownership.

Ironically as I flipped through the book it opened to page 28 at manager style #63 - are you ready - NEW AGE MANAGER! What a kick! Wow, it seems that this book is a Magic Book as well. Perhaps I shall sell it as a divination tool. Open the book to any page and wherever your eyes land is your management style!

Anyway, come by The Crystal Garden to buy T.T.'s book! Read it and laugh.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Margaret. Enjoy New Age Manager etal. There are 127 of them after all. Be well. T.T. Douglas