Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No Room in the Inn

We've been meandering on this trip. It's a nice change to the 'got get there' mentality that may normally be associated with a trip from Florida to the Tri-State area. With this trip, we are being in the moment, stopping, looking, stretching, walking and having presence. What a nice change!

We arrived in the Washington-Baltimore area last night at about 9 pm and decided we should find a place to stay instead of driving all the way to PA. Hmmmm - after 2 stops at hotels we found that there is no room in the inn - in any inn in this area That is a bit of an exaggeration. We stopped at a Fairfield Inn that we stayed at when I was offering events and Angel Gemstone Oracle Sessions last year at Spark of Spirit in College Park, MD. Well, after checking into the one room left, the hotel rep said "Just so you know, you have to carry all your luggage up a flight of steps!) OK - come on - wouldn't you mention something like that before you charged my credit card? Due to the amount of luggage, laptops, projector for Power Point, etc. - that just wasn't an option. We weren't going to leave that in the car overnight.

I called my friend, Dianne, owner of Spark of Spirit, to see what suggestions she might have. Aaaah - The Pope! She reminded me that the Pope will be arriving so everyone is in the neighborhood to see him. (BTW, I'll be at Spark of Spirit for the Crystal Healer Certification and Angel Gemstone Oracle Sessions in May)

Vincent and I drove and drove. It probably felt longer than it was. Finally, we got off at exit 77 in Edgewater because we saw a sign for a Hampton Inn. I like the Hilton chain of hotels and we were blessed with the last room at around 11 pm last night. Whew! I must say that I did ask the angels out loud, "OK, angels, please let there be a room left for us here. I really do like this hotel! Please!" Sure enough, we settled in and had warm sweet dreams. Thank you, Angels!

This weather is definitely colder than I am used to. It was in the high 30s last night. I've lived in South Florida for 33 years now. I'm really a baby about warmth. My hands are already chapped. The great news is that spring has sprung, the trees are green, the flowers are blooming and all is well. It appears that I'll be blessed with 70 degree weather on Friday and Saturday! Woo Hoo!

Check out time is approaching so it's time to pack it up and move on.


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