Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thoughts on Being . . . . Superwoman!

Mama Mia! I am constantly amazed at how much I get done, how much work I still have yet to do, how much more I accept to do, and how much I want to just sit and read a good book under my favorite quilt.

One of my staff at The Crystal Garden has convinced herself that I don't sleep at night but instead, plug into a wall socket to recharge as I keep on going. My best friend, Melissa Applegate, thinks most humans can do only 20% of what I accomplish. So, now I'm bragging a bit, yet it feels good to pat myself. I can hear my mother from the Other Side saying, "Margaret, SPS! Self Praise Stinks!" The thing is - I'm not so sure it's a compliment to be over-the-top the way I am with working on so many things.

There is a downside. I love to garden and despite my distant admiration, my garden continues to bloom and grow. I know some weeds would like to be pulled. I also know it's time to feed my plants their fertilizer. (For those of you reading who don't know - I live in South Florida. It's good to fertilize when the weather cools down - it's 77 degrees! HA!)

Lately, I have been pausing to attend my yoga classes. I have a great instructor, Mary Rosi, at my store, The Crystal Garden. I like the realignment the class provides to me. My body feels stronger, my mind is clearer, my emtions more balanced and my connection with the spiritual realm is reinforced. It makes for a better yoga practice when Mary suggests to dedicate the practice for that given class to someone or something that is important to you. This is a very effective tool. I've dedicated my practice to my manuscript, Crystal Consciousness, which is soon to be published by Llewellyn Worldwide. You may want to get on my mailing list so you can be in on the first copies that hit the shelves. Sign up at

I've also dedicated my practice to my father, Al Lembo, who is 95 years old. WOW! He's an amazing man and I've learned so much from him. If it wasn't for his generosity, financial support and constant you-can-do-it encouragement, we all wouldn't have The Crystal Garden today. So cheers to Al Lembo and my mother Antoinette. (She's guardian spirit now . . . .) I believe I got my super powers from my family heritage. My father always had many jobs going on at the same time and so does my brother today. It must be coursing through my veins to accomplish all that I do.

Yet I must say, I really love it! I'm very creative and I feel I have a mission. I know I only have a specific time frame in which to achieve it so I have to hurry up and get it done. I am Divinely Guided so I can't ignore the responsibility to serve my fellow humans.
  • I know I must continue to publish books, oracle decks, spoken audio CDs and more.
  • I know I must assist my fellow retailers, authors, vendors on a national level by serving as President for the Coalition of Visionary Resources.
  • I know I must run my father's businesses to ensure the funds to care for him and preserve his work for my sister, my brother and I.
  • I know I must be a good friend and partner to my sweetheart Vincent.
  • I know I must be a good family member to my cousins, neices, nephews and more.
  • I know I must be a good friend to my friends.
  • I know I must be a good manager and leader for my staff and the community.
So, I'll stop and plug in for a while, re-charge and revitalize!!! I don't look too bad - actually I look marvelous! I'm smiling at YOU!
Truth be told, I'm off to my chiropractor and then to Macy's. See I do stop and play a bit!
Many Blessings,
Margaret Ann

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