Thursday, December 18, 2008

. . . 'tis the Season!

Aaaahhh - the joys of the Holiday Season. Or is it just a shopping frenzy? I am so grateful to have The Crystal Garden which is definitely a sanctuary any time of the year yet at the holidays it seems to be extraordinarily special. I've shopped in person and online this year. It wasn't too bad because it appears I either pick the right time to go into a store or people aren't buzzing at the mall this year due to the "shrinking economy."

We must be doing something right at The Crystal Garden. It isn't shrinking at all. It's expanding daily. This year's numbers YTD are definitely up over last year. So why is my business doing well? I'd have to guess because of our genuine intention to serve and help people have a happier more fulfilling life. I say "our intention" because it's not just me! It's my whole staff. Every single one of us - Pam, Dawn, Tecia, Chrissy and myself - we all want to assist you. Not just shopping your way through the store (although that's great and thank you) but to help you feel the love and well-being that each and everyone deserves.

People audibly sigh when they enter our doors. We maintain a "no cell phone zone" and usher people out to take their calls on our front sidewalk with our live lucky cats. They return to continue their shopping with their cell phones silenced so everyone enjoying the store can have a respit from the sounds of cell phone rings!

It also smells so good inside The Crystal Garden. Our customers comment on that all the time.

Many people come to visit with Sha Nay, my blue and gold macaw. She is definitely a character and quite good looking. But Mikael, the white dove, is also a phenomenon! Mikael is 19 years old, flys around the store and laughs and coos. This peace dove has a new trick. He sits on top of the earring spinner rack, removes the peace sign earrings from the earring card and then looks at you and laughs! What a kick!
He's no ordinary bird!!! We love all our animals.
Anyway, it's time for me to get ready for a yoga class. I'm going to try to take today to rest. I'll be working straight through til Christmas. Aaaaaa . . . tis the Season!
Merry Christmas!

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