Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bird Watching

I'm watching a stellar jay or mountain jay eat breakfast off the post on the log wood porch in front of me. I love blue birds. Most of you know I have a thing for birds. In this moment, the wild birds before me are enjoying the seeds and nuts place out for them by the caretakers of the Logwood Inn.

Yesterday when I was in downtown Durango, I stopped to capture photos of a hummingbird. Because I'm not on my own laptop at the moment, I won't be adding photos with this post. But believe me, you will be inundated with photos in the near future.

It feels so good to be resting, looking at birds - 5 crows just flew by - and breathing deeply. I have to breathe deeply because at this altitude, I often must catch my breath. And, that is really what this trip is all about. It's a combination of visiting with my dear cousin, Maria, for her wedding and "catching my breath" as it's been a very challenging year for me.

I am grateful to have an overall positive attitude and my "Polly-anna" outlook on life. For without it, I'm not sure how I would have enjoyed any of this past year.

I've been listening to my own guided meditation CDs quite a bit in the past week. Meet Your Master Guide, Open Your Heart to Love and Color Meditation: Align Your Chakras are all downloaded into my I-pod for easy listening so I listen to them when I wake up in the middle of the night and on the airplane. I also have downloaded Think Good Thoughts: Positive Affirmations for Everyday Living but I listen to that most often in the car while I'm driving. So, here I thought I made those CDs for everyone else - I guess that's true but I now realize these are for me just as much as they are for everyone else.

Well, mi prima, (means cousin) Maria has just arrived so I'm signing off for now to go play by the river, in her garden, with the birds and with my Vincent!

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