Saturday, August 29, 2009

Words of Wisdom from Papa Bear

My father, Al Lembo, is a wise and spiritual man. He'll be 96 in November. Although he's dancing between the worlds, there are pearls of wisdom that come through him. It's probably because of his dance that he is a wise sage. He was extremely connected with God tonight while I was there.

In a nutshell, his advice was as follows: "Pray for all the good things in your life. Remember them and forget about the rest. Forget about the people who were bad to you. They just didn't know better and they probably didn't mean it anyway. Have memories of all the good things in your life. - and there are many things that are good in your life. If you need guidance, ask God. But you have to ask. It is important to help people. People need to ask for help. Help as many people as you can. And remember all the good things in your life."

Thanks, Dad! We all appreciate the words of wisdom! It's important to listen to the words of wisdom from our elders. They have many years of experience and know the truth. Well, at least I feel that way about my Papa Bear!

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Lorraine said...

beautiful, just beautiful.
thank you for that.