Thursday, April 23, 2009

Past Lives and Regression Therapy: Spiritual Healing

Understanding the role of reincarnation, karma and dharma can assist us in our present incarnation. Remembering a past life can bring a greater understanding of ourselves and what we have come back to learn. Past Life Regression helps us remember our purpose and learn the meaning of our lives today.

Reincarnation, Karma and Past Lives
Understanding the role of reincarnation and karma can enlighten you in your present incarnation. It also provides a route to develop yourself and that of your family so that you leave this world a better place. Remembering a past life can bring a greater understanding of yourself and what you have come back to learn. A past life regression is a therapeutic tool that helps you remember your purpose and learn the meaning of your life today.
• Who were you prior to this lifetime?
• Where did you live?
• Have the people in your life been with you before?
• Why are you coming back together with people from your past lives?
• Why do we reincarnate?
• What legacies have you left behind in a prior lifetime that affects you individually as well as your family, community and society?
• What karma are you balancing for your grandparents, parents and other ancestors?

Understanding the answers to these questions has assisted me in knowing my own true nature. It is a process of uncovering layers within these questions as I grow, learn and remember my destiny. I continue to contemplate the similarities and differences in destiny and karmic retribution. It’s hard to say if I will ever truly know all the answers on the many levels available, but it is my intention to continue to strive to understand myself and others and what I have returned to accomplish. With these realizations and continued focus on delving into my truth, I have found greater compassion for myself when my humanness shows through and greater compassion for others in their humanness as they work through their processes.
I encourage you now to do the same.

Clear Karma
When you chose to move to return to this planet, you knew in that moment of choice from your heavenly perspective, that you must clear your karma of past lifetimes, as well as your familial karma, and reconnect with your true spirit.

Have you ever wondered why certain things have happened to you, your family and others in your life? It’s those life circumstances that seem to come out of nowhere that create havoc, chaos, illness, sudden death or other tragedies that make no sense. It’s like that question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” By the time you are done with this chapter, you will have a better clue as to the answer of that question.

The Choice
Prior to your descent to this planet, you had a clear description of the purpose for coming here. During that time of being in “heaven” or “the other side,” you were able to see and know all that you have done in your past lives and what you must do in the future to clear and rectify all that you or your ancestors have done. While on the “other side,” you also chose your circumstances of parents, life situations like wealth vs. poverty, single vs. married with children, etc. for this lifetime.

When you chose to move to this planet, you knew in that moment of choice from your heavenly perspective, that you must clear your karma of past lifetimes, as well as your familial karma, and reconnect with your true spirit. When you made the choice for planet Earth, you also knew you had a responsibility to not only clear your own karma and reconnect with your spirit, you also agreed to assist others in this process as soon as you were aware enough. It is a responsibility that you have taken on in lifting up this planet.

From a heavenly perspective, your Divine Mission was very clear. As you descended through matter onto the planet, those things that were once very clear were forgotten. The veil was put into place and you now have a lifetime to work towards lifting that veil and finding the truth within your heart. The knowing and all the answers are stored in your energy field, your bones, muscles and cells.

Once you arrive here on the planet, you are faced with choices daily. These choices often bring lessons. And, interestingly, each choice that you make creates an action. Each action creates consequences. Some of these consequences create karma. And the wheel, it goes round and round.

Often the biggest lessons are presented to you through your closest friends and family. They challenge you and you challenge them with your behavior, attitudes, lack of respect, self-centered-ness and attitudes. When you are challenged or challenging, it is often from a basis of fear and greed. If you choose to honor your friends and family with loving kindness and respect, then you are thinking, feeling and acting with your heart in alignment with Love. Stay in Love and it lessons the chances of creating karma and allows for the dissolution of karma.

The benefit of experiencing a Past Life Regression provides you an opportunity to heal and shift your reality into something more positive. I have found that when someone is ready to heal recurring patterns or issues they will ask for a regression. In some cases, people don't actually go into a past life but into an earlier time in this lifetime. The experience often catapults the person into a experience that will open an opportunity to heal the underlying cause. That cause may exist earlier in this lifetime or another lifetime. So your consciousness takes you where you need to go to have a realization and heal the underlying cause once and for all.


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