Monday, April 20, 2009

Learning New Things

I've been learning to use Quickbooks for the bookkeeping and bill paying for various business. I'm responsible for managing the finances for my 95 and 1/2 year old Papa Bear. Due to rising costs for CPA, I've finally bit the bullet and purchased Quickbooks. I received some training from my CPA and my old friend, Debbie. Along with the help of online tech support from the banks and online tech support for Pro Advisors, I've achieved most of what I need to accomplish. There are finer details of the more complicated aspects of the businesses that my CPA will have to do, teach me and check my work, but for the most part all is well!

The bills are paid and with the online bill paying option with my banks and the automatic electronic download, life is so much easier. I don't have to sit with many checkbooks, handwriting checks anymore! It's all streamlined. Wow! I could've, should've, would've done that a while ago if I just listen to Rosetta! But now it is done and I am very happy. No more envelopes, addressing and stamping! I am free!

I hope to start blogging on a more regular basis again now that the bookkeeping is done.

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Jenn said...

Looking forward to reading you more!!