Sunday, June 14, 2009

Soul Food

I've decided to take some time to nurture myself today. My father is resting comfortably so now it's time to replenish myself. Being a good Italian women, I decided to cook a Sunday meal for my self, Vincent and Dad. Dad has been eating well even with the hospital food, yet I know he'll appreciate some macaroni with meat sauce. It's slowly cooking and the house smells like Sunday to me!

Growing up, Mom always made a sauce, or gravy as we called it, which we often ate at around 3 pm. I'm using another kind of "aromatherapy" in the house today to nurture myself. The scent of the gravy wafts through the house and reminds me that all is well.
I visited my acupuncturist, Jenny Lee, this past week. I've been stressed and experiencing achy heels and calves. Acupuncture has helped me so many times in my life. Click on Jenny's name above to read more about acupuncture.
Jenny gave me some special tea bags for a foot bath so I soaked my feet this morning, used my chi machine this afternoon and will shortly wash off this facial masque when I'm done posting this short blog. It feels good to catch up on some of my normal daily activities and adding a bit of nurturing to the mix.

I can't wait to taste my Rotelle, pork and tomato gravy meal . . . mmmmmm good! Food for my soul!

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Hibiscus Moon said...

Mmmm, sounds heavenly.

That's so wonderful that you found a good accupunturist. I am looking for a good one in my area that will also accept my insurance discount. I also live in S. Fl but unforntately a little too south to visit Jenny. Was she referred to you?