Thursday, November 5, 2009

11:11:11 - Awakening Gateways of Consciousness

How many of our daily thoughts flow towards things we are grateful for in our lives? How many of our thoughts are focused on what we lack? How many thoughts do we have of which we aren’t even conscious? Through a little focus and intent, we can turn around our energy, our way of being and our thought forms, into gratitude and abundance vs. lack and fear. This shift in thought alone can change our lives. The transfer of attention moves the assemblage point.

The assemblage point is a center focus point on which we create our personal reality. When the assemblage point shifts due to circumstances and changes in our lives and our world, it enables us to re-create reality and how we dream our world. There are many spiritual schools that teach that our life here on planet Earth is a dream. By shifting our awareness, observing our selves and our focus on self-importance, we are better able to connect with what is the dream and what is our reality.

11:11 is the code for the opening of the gateway of consciousness within our DNA. It is the code that many have been seeing on our digital clocks, watches and more. Many us have participated in ceremonies over the years to activate the doorway of Higher Consciousness into Light and Love on key dates such at 1-11-92 and 11-11-92. This activation of the 11:11 and any double number is actually a very positive thing, e.g. 77, 33, 44, etc. These double digit numbers are Master Numbers and bring us messages. Actually, any sequences of numbers that we consistently become aware of seeing, are messages from our angel helpers. Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue provides the meanings of various number sequences. Another favorite book on numerology.

The 11:11 is a password or activation tool to help us to remember who we truly are. Who are we truly? We are Love and Light. We are Peace, Joy and Happiness. We are here to remember our truth. This 11:11 began appearing with the advent of development of liquid crystal display and digitally displayed clocks. It was when our technology reached a certain point that we were predestined to begin to remember our Divinity. The 11:11 is a key and a trigger so that we may remember.

There have been many cosmic events that assist us in opening our consciousness. Usually they are associated with astrological configurations of stara and planet. Beginning with the Harmonic Concordance in August 1987, to the opening of the Gateway of the 11:11, and continuing with other astrological events, we are constantly being provided with these gateways for development.

Looking into numerology, 11 is a Master Number. Master numbers offer master accomplishments. According to Dusty Bunker’s book, Numerology and the Divine Triangle: “ As an 11, you can draw upon the cosmic forces for inspiration and for aid in attaining enlightenment and even cosmic consciousness. You feel compassion for all types of people, regardless of their station in life. The desire to uplift people brings out the teacher in you. You are intrigued by ESP, the occult, the mystical and spiritual studies.

As we travel forward through the 21st century, we have many opportunities to develop our spiritual selves. For thousands of years, the feminine has been subjugated. The Divine Feminine energy is entering our planet and is available to draw on. The doorway of opportunity to balance our lives, individually and globally, presents itself now. It is time to balance the masculine and feminine energies. The active principle of the masculine energy when appropriately blended with the passive feminine energy provides peace and harmony within and without.

This year, November 11, 2009, it is 11:11:11. November is 11. Date is 11. 2009 is 2+9=11. The trinity of above, below and within is energetically present in this year's 11:11 event raising it by an 11!

Prayer and meditation are vital now. Pray and meditate whenever possible. Our guides and angels can hear us. They are waiting for you to acknowledge them, talk to them and request their assistance. They have the ability to see life from a greater perspective and may light our path so we can see, know and act more clearly. It is imperative, though, that all requests for guidance are coupled with the Sacred Intent. Sacred Intent is aligning with the Divine Plan. As Christ said, “Not my will, but Thy will be done.”

Let us remember that before we can build a world of love, light, peace, happiness, compassion, joy, and harmony for all. We must first clear out our personal negative thoughtforms as collective consciousness manifests in the world around us.

We all have an opportunity to shift our assemblage point, shift our awareness, awakening our gateway of consciousness. As we approach this each day, we are given an avenue for actualizing the world of Love, Light and Peace. Using focus and intention, we can turn around our energy, our way of being and our thoughtforms, bringing the new focus to gratitude and abundance vs. lack and fear. This shift in thought alone can change our lives and our world, one person at a time.

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