Monday, July 20, 2009

Editing . . .

Life has been quite intense over the past month and a half. My Dad was putting under Hospice care on June 4th. He is stable and at home now with constant loving care. My dear friend, Marguerite Barringer, died suddenly. She had a heart attack on the 4th of July and was off to heaven on July 10th. Wow! That hit me really hard.

I haven't been getting all my normal work responsibilities done. Finally over the past 4 days I've started to find myself again. The intensity of loved ones failing or passing over left me emotionally raw. Through sunshine, rest, swimming and a tiny bit of gardening I've regenerated myself. Most of the work responsibilities are accomplished and now I'm free to edit my manuscript.

I have a book under Publishing Agreement with Llewellyn Worldwide. This is my first time as an author publishing with a large publishing house. In order to provide a good final manuscript I have hired an editor to help me finalize the project. The majority of the work is done and now the process of tweaking, removing non-essential anecdotal stories and molding it into a professional book is at hand. I've started working on the edit sent back to me by this fabulous editor and I am enjoying the process.

Because I already have a heavy workload, I've had to cross off all the days that I have free and made an appointment with my manuscript. I'm looking forward to finishing it so we can go through another round of editing. I didn't know that birthing a book was such a process and I'm happy to be learning the process.

So enough dilly dallying writing in my blog . . . . off to the manuscript I go!

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