Thursday, March 26, 2009

Crystals and Gemstones

Crystals and gemstones have been used throughout the ages to improve various human conditions. The color and mineral composition lend energy to improving situations from headaches to digestion on a physical level and love loss or mood imbalances on an emotional level. But these rocks don’t stop with just the physical or the emotional aspects of our lives. Crystals and gemstones can help us mentally and spiritually as well. By using your intention combined with the inherent qualities, color and vibration of the gemstone, you can transform any situation with determination and focus. Gemstones are a tool just like you would use a hammer to effectively put a nail into a wall, gemstones help integrate and align you with the intention that you have decided to put into your consciousness and make manifest in the world.

The color and vibration of each of the gemstones relate to and balance one or more of the chakras. There are seven basic energy centers within and around you known as chakras. Each of these energy centers regulates aspects of yourself on a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional level. You want to keep these energy centers in alignment to maintain overall health and well-being. Using a color or chakra meditation is helpful as well as the use of gemstones.
Using gemstones is easy.

Simply carrying the stone in your pocket or purse and touching it from time to time during the day brings your awareness back to your goal or intention. Placing it in your pillow case at night or on your desk where you can see it is another way incorporates it in your life. A tumbled gemstone is small enough to carry in your pocket or put into your pillow case without weighing you down. They are pretty and affordable, too! Of course, wearing gemstone jewelry like a necklace, bracelet or earrings is very effective and attractive as well. Here are a few gemstones you may want to consider.

Selenite helps to align you with higher consciousness. As you develop spiritually it is beneficial to allow yourself to listen to or sense guidance from your higher self, spirit guides or angels. This stone opens the crown chakra to receive transmissions of information and wisdom. On a physical level it helps with the spine, bone and muscular structure of the body. Selenite is a white stone, though recently I have found red selenite (it looks orange to me) that can re-align the emotional structure of one’s consciousness.

Charoite is a stone that helps to open your consciousness to higher spiritual thought. The purple coloring aids in protection on all levels and for the transformation and transmutation of negativity. The negativity it transforms is not only from outside sources but also from your own negative thoughts that you may not even be aware of. Therefore, charoite is an excellent stone to help you become more conscious in general. As you become more conscious you are able to step onto your spiritual path and consciously move forward assisting others on their path.

Jade is good fortune and good luck. Everything about this stone is good. It promotes loyalty, financial success, synchronicity, excellent health and anything else you can associate with love, joy, happiness and success. The green energy promotes overall well being. Carry this always!

Rhodochrosite opens the heart to give and receive love. You may feel that you are a loving person and yet I would like to have you ask yourself how you are about receiving love, attention and blessings. You may think you are good at receiving yet how do you feel about receiving and allowing loving relationships, close connections, intimate relationships and trusting in the full process of love and relationships. This stone is not just about romantic love but the kind of friendships that are balanced, deep and fulfilling. If you are having some challenges with allowing friends or family into your heart and your physical sacred space then you may want to bring some of the pink energy of rhodochrosite into your energy field. Life is too short to keep people at arm’s distance. Open your heart and allow love!

Amber comes in various shades of golden yellow. It is actually petrified pine resin. Amber helps to allow the energies of love and closeness as mentioned above while still maintaining the appropriate levels of boundaries in relationships. There is a fine balance in combining your energy fields with others. Amber helps maintain a healthy balance by protecting you from energy vampires. It cleanses your aura. Amber is also a balancer of self-esteem and self-confidence.

Experiment with these and other gemstones for yourself. Remember, it is the power of your intention, positive thoughts as well as the color, vibration and mineral content that effectuate the change you want in your life.

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