Thursday, March 19, 2009


Aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oils that are derived from plants, flowers, barks, roots and resins. The use of essential oils goes back thousands of years. It is the chemical constituents within the oils that can have an affect on us physically, mentally or emotionally. Oils can be inhaled by placing some on a hanky or within a diffuser. We can also put them on your body combined with carrier oil like sweet almond oil, jojoba oil or grapeseed oil. Putting the oil on the bottom of the feet is an effective way of getting the oil into our system.
Here are some oils you can use regularly:

For the Body: Use lavender oil for headaches. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-biotic. It can also help relax you when you just can’t sleep. It keeps away nightmares.
For the Mind and Emotions: Use lavender to calm your petunias! It is a stress reducer and will relax you when you are at your wit’s end.
For the Spirit: The purple energy of lavender can align you with pleasant dreams, dreams to connect you with your angels and dreams to bring insight and understanding. It’s a great oil to use for meditation.

For the Body: Rosemary oil has the ability to clear the sinuses and help you to breathe easier.
For the Mind and Emotions: This is a good oil for students or people who do a lot of detail mental work. Rosemary helps with the memory. Smell it while in class and when you are studying. Then smell in again when you are trying to remember it during the test! It’s an aromatic cheat sheet.
For the Spirit: Rosemary lifts one’s outlook on life and helps connect you with all that is good and positive. It’s a clean and bright scent.

Sweet Marjoram
For the Body: Sweet Marjoram is an oil that helps to rid one of headaches. It clears respiratory challenges and can be used to reduce muscular aches. Sweet Marjoram helps with insomnia as well.
For the Mind and Emotions: Have you ever felt hysterical? Are you ever anxious? Do you ever feel you just can’t handle being around one more negative person? Use Sweet Marjoram to calm hysterics, crying and anxiousness. If you feel you need extra protection because you are around a lot of negative people, place some on the temples and the back of your neck.
For the Spirit: Sweet Marjoram will bring in your Guardian Angel. Everyone believes in angels and invisible helpers don’t they? Our Guardian Angel protects and guides us. Believe! It’s a good thing.

For the Body: Peppermint can ease stomach upsets. This is also a great scent to clear the sinuses and sweeten one’s breath. I’ve used it to stop the itch from mosquito bites.
For the Mind and Emotions: Sniffing peppermint wakes up my mind and helps to bring alertness and mental clarity. It’s a good one to keep in the car for long road trips.
For the Spirit: Peppermint helps if you have a tendency to fall asleep when you meditate. It also clears the mind, so try it when the incessant chatter just doesn’t quit!

For the Body: Using lemon oil as an anti-viral agent is beneficial as well as an agent for boosting the immune system. For the Mind and Emotions: Lemon is a happy scent and helps raise one out of depression. It also brings mental clarity. If you work with a lot of numbers and want to be very clear, try a bit of lemon to help your focus.
For the Spirit: Use lemon oil to raise your self-esteem and self-confidence.

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