Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Luck: Concepts of Good Fortune

Do you believe you are lucky? Really, stop right now and think about it. Do you ever just muse over how lucky you are? Sincerely ponder about your good luck and how blessed you feel in so many ways? Well, if you do, then kudos to you! This is a good thing!

Good Luck or Good Fortune is truly good old fashion positive thinking. Interestingly enough, when we believe that we are lucky then pretty soon all those around us hold that thought and image of us. Our friends and our family think and say things like, “ Wow, isn’t she lucky?” or “He always wins prizes or raffles. He is so lucky!” or “Oh, it doesn’t surprise me that she won the lottery! She is always winning something.” Well, their beliefs and thoughtforms combined with our own beliefs and thoughtforms are what actually creates our reality. It seems so simple, doesn’t it?

If it seems so simple, why aren’t more of us feeling, acting and living in a way that is magnificent and simply fabulous?

Part of it stems to how we may feel about others good fortune. When we make those comments as mentioned above regarding another’s good fortune, is it with genuine happiness for their good fortune or with the attitude of why them and not me? Are we saying or thinking, “Good for them! How nice!” or are we harboring jealousy and focus on believing that ‘they’ are always lucky but not me?

Well, if by chance it is the second category then it it’s time to shift that attitude and be genuinely happy when good fortune is manifesting in someone’s life. The reasons are multifold. When we are truly happy for another, we are actually coming from of place of abundance. We know and believe that there is plenty for everyone. Here is a reminder for all of us that there is plenty for everyone. And that plenty includes happiness, financial abundance and security, true friends and loving family, good health, joy, inner peace and more. It comes back down to what are our personal beliefs? What thoughtforms are rolling around in our heads? It really is important to examine our own thoughts and take a good look at whether or not we are being negative.

This brings us around to bad luck. Ha! I believe that good luck disappears when we are focused on what is not working or not happening in our life. Bad luck manifests when there is too much negativity in our thoughts, words, actions, TV programs or movies we watch, music that we listen to and in the people that we hang around with. Well, well, those are quite a few things to take a look at, isn’t it? Instead stay focused on gratitude for what we do have and focus on what we want to achieve and manifest, then that is what becomes evident. All that we are thinking about and working towards with focused intent, a good heart for all concerned and Love will manifest good things, our hearts desires . . . . or Good Luck! As you think, so you are.

Luck is simply manifested by believing in yourself and all the good that you are and that you deserved. If you believe that you are always healthy, then you are always healthy. If you believe that you are beautiful, then you are beautiful . . . and be prepared for others telling you that you are beautiful. If you believe that you live a charmed life and maintain that belief you will find that your reality will reflect that belief. So live a charmed life! Good things happen to people who believe that good things will happen to them. And the best part is that it doesn’t cost you anything or hurt anything to try this. When you do, you will be so lucky.

In appreciation to St. Patrick and the legends and myth surrounding the celebration of his life, we are grateful for the reminder of good luck. I grew up in a neighborhood in Brooklyn that was very ethnic in more than one culture. On St. Patrick’s Day we all honored the Irish celebration and wore green and shamrocks on our clothes in our neighborhood. I continue that tradition today in celebration of the green-ness of life, the good-ness in us all and the good luck belonging to all. Let us all do the ‘wearing of the green’ to acknowledge the good luck and good fortune we all deserve. May we all remember that magic lives in our hearts, our thoughts and our beliefs. May we all have joy and happiness and love always.

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