Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spiritualizing Spring Cleaning

As we move through the ever-turning wheels of the seasons, we enter a new year of the zodiac. When the Sun enters Aries, we celebrate the Spring Equinox and the return of a new life. Here we have a chance for another new beginning, just as we did at the New Year because of our calendar system. We also have the same opportunity with every New Moon, 13 times a year.

How do we prepare for new beginnings? Clear out the old, worn out, or no longer useful to prepare for the new.

So how can you clean and clear your space in anticipation of the arrival of the new in your lifes? It is actually quite simple. You must first find the courage to let go of what is worn out, negative, or not honoring and serving you anymore. It is like an old pair of sneakers that feel so comfortable that we won’t throw it away. Are those sneakers still supporting your feet, legs, and back as best as they could or have they long since passed their usefulness? These are the questions we must ask ourselves literally, regarding physical things in our lives, and metaphorically, regarding our friendships, jobs, and other relationships.

Aaaah . . . and letting go or breaking up is so hard to do!

There is some magic about moving the energy by cleaning our space and our lives. When we clear out what is no longer for our highest good, it opens a creative vacuum to allow for fabulous things to enter in. Are you trying to start something new or manifest something in your life and you feel stuck? Try clearing the clutter of your life and watch the magic happen around you.

Start by cleaning with consciousness, or in other words, clean and clear with intention. To get the ball rolling, start with an easy project or a simple drawer. Dump the contents of the drawer on the floor, your bed, or the table, and sort through it, item by item. While you decide what you will definitely use, consciously connect with each item and put each one back in neatly and with love. And now, for the crucial part of the process, decide what you can Give Away or Throw Away. How often do you use it? Is it broken? Have you ever used it? Does it even fit?

I happened upon a TV show one Sunday afternoon, called Clean Sweep. On this show, a team of people came in and actually completely emptied the rooms to be cleared, bringing everything to the outside of the house. While the team inside cleaned, painted, and fixed the interior, the team outside decided what will be kept, sold, or thrown out. You, too, can create this “clean sweep” in your life by doing internal work whileyou clear your space. Self-observation and a clear awareness of the layers of your consciousness energetically instilled in your physical stuff and clutter may catapult us to higher spiritual awareness.

During this process, become conscious of what is being released. Perhaps there are old memories or stuck emotional energy associated with that shirt that you wore on that day you argued with your loved one. That was then and this is now. Release the past and clear the energy away while you deposit your things into your Give Away Bag. The release is simple. Think the thought that you are releasing the energy as you complete the action of the Give Away and voila! . . . so it is!

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Amethyst Minnig said...

How very true that is. I am doing a clean sweep myself as I clear out the clutter and usher in spring with new flooring.

I am in the process of cleaning up the 'mess' left behind and incorporating sea salt, blessed water and smudging to really get things feeling nice! :)

Blessings - Amethyst Minnig

PS- it was great chatting with you today and so awesome!