Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Cleaning - Round 2

After writing about spring cleaning in a previous post, I became self-motivated to actually practice what I preach. Now my garage is in the process of transformation. I feel the true inspiration to clean the garage was staying at my cousin's house overnight. She is impeccable with her cleanliness and organization of all of her things. I am so impressed by her on so many levels yet specifically tidiness, cleanliness and organization for the purposes of this post. Sleeping in that organized vibration must have seeped into my bones and my consciousness because all I've wanted to do since I've stayed there is clean, organize and throw out that which is not longer needed (or give it away!)

Yesterday, Vincent and I did a clean sweep of the garage. I've watched the experts on HGTV and Oprah enough times to know the process. We've established what's to be thrown away and it's gone. We've established what is to be given away and it's gone. We established what's staying and some went to storage and now the rest is being organized. Organization and cleaning is what is left for today. The heaviest part of it is done now.

From an energetic view point, we are cleaning and organizing the specific areas of life. While I'm cleaning I also try to stay connected with the intention of improving the flow, balance and well-being of these areas of life based on the bagua as used in Feng Shui:

(Graphic is from click on it to see it better and to go to this person's site.)

  • Relationships and Love

  • Creativity and Children

  • Helpful People and Travel

I'm not a Feng Shui expert yet I am an enthusiast of the ancient art of moving energy with intention. As we continue to clean, organize and shift, I am sure I'll see the effects in all of these areas. I'll let you know what evolves!

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