Monday, February 9, 2009

Missing my Gemstone Oracle

Life has challenged me a bit. Unfortunately, someone thought they should steal things out of my car. This being took things of value to me. The most valuable was my Gemstone Oracle. It was my collection of precious gemstones that I've collected for over 20 years. When I had to make the list for the insurance claims office, I realized how close I was to those gemstones. I remembered them intimately. In fact, I was able to list where I had purchased each stone. I'm sure there were more in the bag then I remember, but I remembered over 144 gemstones AND where I purchased them! In this photo from about 3 years ago, it shows a smattering of some of the stones from that collection.

The ones that are calling to me the most are as follows:

  • charoite wedge,

  • sugilite I bought in Glastonbury, England,

  • danburite,

  • various fetishes from Dineh reservations

  • rubellite

  • faceted citrine

  • faceted smokey quartz

  • reverse watermelon tourmaline

  • 3 tumbled peridot

  • oh and so many more from Ederoberstein, Germany, Mt. Ida, Arkansas and so on. . . . sigh . . . .

Se la vie! The lesson of non-attachment is working just fine.

I did my first session with a new Voyager Tarot Deck, 4 new decks of Angel Oracle cards and a new collection of Gemstones. I still must make friends with these new stones and pull from my private collection again.

My initial reaction was to change every single password for every single account I have - after calling the police, of course. I did learn the importance of saving receipts and serial numbers in a separate place. For some reason, I did have a copy of the laptop receipt along with the serial number. Let's see if it helps with finding it again. At least I have something to document for the insurance claim.

I have my intuition or angels to thank. I had been getting a message that my laptop was going to go. I thought the message meant that my laptop would crash. Nope - it went but not the way I thought! Thank goodness I bought a new one just before the new year and transferred all my files using Laplink program. All is well and safe and sound! Whew! My manuscript is on my laptop. I've emailed my manuscript to the editor and myself so at least it's sitting in cyberspace for retrieval.

Yes, I am grateful. Once the initial shock wore off, I actually felt sadness for the person who had to take the action of breaking my rear passenger window to take the laptop and my Kate Spade pocketbook filled with gemstones and Angel Oracles. I felt they may have had a life of violence or neglect. Who are the parents to that child? What drives a person to act out in such a manner? I thank God/Goddess for my many blessings.

And, I also am grateful that no one was hurt and they just attacked my vehicle. My SUV was parked in the parking lot of The Crystal Garden where I've parked it for about 20 years. I think there has been only one incident in 20 years other than this one. So, the blessing is they stayed outside, grabbed and ran and didn't bother anyone else in the process.

All is well. Now I pause for a moment of prayer for the person or people that performed this act. May they find peace, help, love and balance and do no harm. May they find fit employment and make enough money in an honest way in order to care for themselves and their loved ones.


Margaret Ann Lembo

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