Saturday, February 14, 2009

Subtle Bodies

My physical body is not so subtle. It's obvious, full, round and very healthy. I am grateful to Botticelli who found bodies like mine worthy of great art. Most women have a belly - it's natural. Thighs and hips are meant to carry babies both inside and outside of a woman's body.
From a spiritual or metaphysical perspective, there are 3 more bodies within our consciousness or energy field. These bodies are considered subtle by title, yet their nature is not so subtle. The emotional and mental bodies are pretty obvious to me. The spiritual body though is much less obvious.
Feeling and thoughts , emotional and mental bodies, are just as real as solidified objects. They create and rule our lives! How we feel and what we think creates reality. From an individual perspective, it creates your immediate world. How your days goes, who you connect with, creation of synchronicity, manifesting your desires and so on. Many perceive they are the victim of circumstances. In some degree, this is true yet what we do with those circumstances can either make us happy and fulfilled or playing the victim role of "woe is me."
Observe yourself without judgements to shine light on your thoughts and feelings. Once thoughts and feelings are revealed to you, use the awareness to have revelations on shifting your life the way you want it to be.
This is a life-long practice. I must be diligent in observing myself to see how I end up creating circumstances. Sometimes I am successful at consciously creating circumstances and other times I realize I'm living a result of my unconscious thoughts and feelings.
The act of self-observation helps one to align with the spiritual subtle body. I speak more of this subject in my book, Crystal Consciousness, to be released in early 2010. I am holding the vision to see my book in print with full color photos of the gemstones, selling well and high above any one's predictions! Hold the vision with me and buy the book when it gets published. It's with the publisher so imagine with me!

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