Friday, February 13, 2009


In a few minutes, I'll be off to my yoga class with my favorite instructor, Mary Rosi. It's time to squeeze the tension and stress out of my body. I love to do yoga but it takes momentum and dedication to get myself there. I went yesterday at 10 am and now my body is craving more.

Wouldn't it be fabulous to have cravings for yoga INSTEAD of food!? I think I'll dedicate my practice today to the intention of replacing cravings for food with cravings for yogic activities! What a novel idea.

I've been practicing yoga for about 27 years. The experience feed my spirit, calms and balances my mind and emotions and helps my physical body regain core strength. While in certain postures I get images of my muscles being rung out like a wet dish rag. This image helps me release toxins residing in all my subtle bodies.

Yes, I said subtle bodies. So I'll leave you with that metaphysical cliff hanger and blog on a bit later . . . . off to yoga!

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