Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good Signal, Good Coffee - How Sweet It Is!

Sunday mornings are good when there is a good signal for Internet access, a good hot cup of coffee and loved ones nearby. I've finally relaxed enough to have an old fashioned Sunday morning which doesn't have to do with work. I've been trying to release some of my responsibilities so I can have a life and I think today I am starting to feel the benefits . . . finally!

Yesterday, I fiddled around with my website and added a FusionBot search my site function to I have 2 close friends who revel in such accomplishments so I sent them an email titled, "Nerdette Gone Wild!" It strange to me when I observe myself being over joyed by such an accomplishment. Now you can type in a keyword and find all the pages within my site that relate to that keyword. It'll be a great help for customers who want to find a particular event. We have so many and now the site is much more user friendly.
I've attended yoga classes two days in a row. Now I'll be off to the gym to continue my self-care. It makes me think of Cheryl Richardson's new book called Extreme Self Care or something close to that. It's on our shelves at the shop. I can see it in my mind's eye in the hallway on the north wall facing out. I have taken the title and applied it to my life. Thank Goodness!

I am making a play list on my ITunes so I have fun music to listen to while working out. I'm going to download my new CD, Think Good Thoughts: Positive Affirmations for Everyday Living, to listen to while I work out as well.

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