Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tweaking This and That

I like to fiddle around with tweaking my website. I am grateful for my newest member of The Crystal Garden team. My dearest friend, Melissa Applegate, is now the Events Coordinator for the store. With over 60 events a month, day and night, it's quite a challenge. What a relief to pass on that work to someone else.

I do like to work on the website. I use Front Page and it's all quite simple. I really don't know anything about html so Front Page is the way to go for me.

The events portion of my business accounts for 1/3 of our revenues. That proves to me that people are ready, willing and able to improve themselves events of a spiritual or self-help nature. Many people are extremely challenged financially, yet they do want to invest money in their own happiness and self-fulfillment. It makes me happy we are able to serve. There is a long line up of events which you can view on our website www.thecrystalgarden.com which is where I like to tweak this and that.

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