Friday, February 20, 2009

Networking on Another Level

I've been in the land of computers, websites, networking, routers, wireless adapters, wi fi boosters, shared networks, upgrading POS systems, moving computers, setting up desks and so on. Wow! It's been quite a week!

I decided it was time to improve the work station capabilities of my retail store, The Crystal Garden. I haven't been online there since who knows when! It was a dial up connection so that reveals a lot. Now, I've established a wireless connection using a broadband card using a Cradle Point router to network and share files. One of the computers was moved to the back of the building so that one is wireless and networked over wi fi.

The time has come to receive merchandise in a back room because The Crystal Garden has grown so much. We've always done our receiving at our front desk and I'm sure we'll still do some of that there. But now we have the ability to take it back to our Healing Room and receive merchandise in a peaceful and focused way.

In addition, the wholesale division of The Crystal Garden is growing. My spoken audio CDs are selling well at Whole Foods. And, my Smudge in Spray is taking off nationwide as small grass roots stores around the country. Now that I can see the momentum building, I knew it was time to take the next step and prepare a space for shipping of the wholesale merchandise. The Crystal Garden now wholesales the full line of Medical Grade Pure Essential Oils, Smudge in Spray and the 7 Guided Meditation CDs.

I've also done some work on my personal website which is where I am pointing retailers for wholesale information at

The creation of the space in Healing Room is affirming the upcoming momentum in upward climbing sales of wholesale products. If you build it, they will come. My intuition drove me to get this set up because I can FEEL it in my bones that it'll all be exploding in a very positive way. The underlying intention behind my work is to help people so I know it will suceed. Service to others is the foundation of my work, therefore, the blessings will return multifold.

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