Sunday, February 22, 2009

Recapturing Past Traditions with Macaroni!

I've been trying to bring Sundays back. During my formative years, Sundays were a day for church, bacon and eggs and Italian meat gravy with macaroni. It's also a day for catching up with family and some chores. Usually chores were completed on Saturdays so Sunday could be a true day of rest.

Every Sunday I would awaken to the smell of Mom sauteing the garlic and olive oil to start the gravy. She had already browned the meatballs, pork and other meats on Saturday night after dinner. After adding the tomato paste, crushed tomatoes and various spices, the browned meats were added to the mix. Mmmmm . . . I can almost smell it! Wait! I do smell it.

I just had Dad over for a plate of Pasta Fagioli. After we ate, we called Aunt Rose, Aunt Dolly, my brother and my sister so Dad could have a visit. Vincent was at the gym so Dad called him there to have a little chat.
Visiting with family via phone after a nice bowl of Pasta Fagioli is very fulfilling for me. I'm feeling nostalgic for those days of visiting with cousins every Sunday. This Sunday is fulfilling my desire. My cousin, Stephen, who lives in Brooklyn, called me today. We connected via email and Facebook. Today we spent an hour on the phone. It was fabulous.
Tonight, I will visit mi cugini in Boca Raton, for another round of macaroni! Woo Hoo!
Margaret Ann


T. T. Douglas said...

Nice seeing you and Vincent last night at the pasta extravaganza. Don't forget to check the fog index. Cheers.

Margaret AnnLembo said...

I enjoyed our visit as well. Fog index ranges from 8 - 10. Very interesting. Thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

HI Margaret, that sounds like our family to the My kids loved to wake up to the smell of olive oil garlic, for gravy, now its hubby and me waking up to it. great memories and of course each holiday, lets not forget those. blessings and love your way.Daina Rizzotto stuart

Margaret AnnLembo said...

Hi Daina, It's great you are carrying the tradition forward for your children. Good Memories!
Blessings back your way, Margaret