Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sparkling Gemstones

While I was at INATS East I also shopped for my store. I bought a lot of gemstone and crystal jewelry. Wow . . . did I get some really amazing pieces. It's been a while since I've found such high quality in gemstones and in jewelry. It's arrived just in time for Valentine's Day, too!

I've been looking for sugilite for a long time. The last time I asked one of my gemstone suppliers, she said, "Sugilite is scarcer than hen's teeth." That made me laugh as I have never heard that expression. What a hoot! I did find some teeny tiny tumbled pieces of sugilite and they are already selling well at The Crystal Garden. I believe I found a piece or two within the jewelry as well. The first time I found sugilite was in Glastonbury, England. I went their to visit the Tor and Chalice Well. Sugilite is a stone for opening to Divine Love or the spiritual aspects of love. It helps to raise one's vibration for developing intuition and connection with the Higher Self and Higher Consciousness.

I did get a lot of tourmaline jewelry. Watermelon tourmaline is one of my favorites. It's a great stone for opening the heart chakra and helping you to give and receive love. It's called watermelon tourmaline because the stone is green on the outside and pink on the inside. When you cut it in slices it looks like watermelon!

On a totally different subject, I signed up for Jenny Craig today. I really want to drop 44 pounds to start and I'm calling all angels to assist me in this process. My affirmation is: "I am so grateful that I am now in the process of becoming a slimmer person." And, ya know how all those movie stars are using Jenny Craig? Well, after I dropped off my food at my house, I went to the store to get my vegetables and fruits. I forgot my regular glasses in the car so I had to wear my sunglasses to see . . . . do you think I'm on my way to stardom and I was practicing my incognito routine? Ha!

I hope to hear from those of you that are reading this blog. Please leave me a comment or 2.

Angels to you!

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