Saturday, February 16, 2008

Crystals with inclusions

My friend and colleague, Carmen, posted about her connection and experience with a carbon included enhydro tibetan twin scepter quartz crystal. Wow! What a crystal! It has so much going on. First of all, carbon is the foundation of all life. We all come from carbon - ancient dust. Enhydro means that there is water trapped inside this crystal that comes from the sacred land of Tibet. The fact that is is a twin means that there are 2 crystals growing together, side-by-side, in a scepter point which is direct and connected with All That Is. Read Carmen's post about how she feels about this crystal.

Carmen's attraction to this crystal stems from deep ancient spiritual knowledge and wisdom that she has stored within herself. The strong connection is providing the avenue for this spiritual knowledge and wisdom to be activated and rise to the surface for concious use in everyday living. When working with a crystal, i.e., sleeping with it, eating with it, living with it . . . you and all your bodies begin to align and harmonize with each other. All your bodies are the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies. The enhydro - water inside- is the emotional body of the crystal. As the vibratory energy integrates within your consciousness you begin to realize more about yourself, others and life. With this consciousness, it provides you the opportunity to live a better life, helping others to achieve the same as you move closer and closer to enlightenment. The fact that it is a twin helps Carmen in her relationships, especially her most significant relationship as they together grow and live side-by-side integrating this sacred spiritual wisdom within their relationship.

Carmen attended my Crystal Healer Certification Course. If you are interested go to The Crystal Garden website to find out more.

Thanks to Carmen's post, we all benefit because it was a catalyst to allow me to channel this information through on Carbon included, Tibetan Enhydro Scepter Twin Crystals.

Love to all of you from The Crystal Guardians!


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"Walks in Snow" said...

Thanks so very much for helping me achieve a greater insight of both myself & my crystal...I remember coming back to class with my crystal in had sent us out on one of those..."go find a crystal" mini of my favorite parts of the class if I may say so. I quickly went to see what treasure I could find. After stopping by for pleasantries' with Shay Nay and saying hello to Mikael, I finally found what I was looking for and promptly returned to my seat in class. I placed the crystal in my left hand and almost immediately started to receive an impression. Shortly after I raised it to my face and started looking at it. Within seconds I was lost inside it's numerous water bubbles many with floating carbons. I had no idea what I was looking at, I only knew how I felt holding it and that I did not want to look away, much less let go! I suppose I caused a bit of a distraction (sorry, I was kinda lost in side the crystal) until you "gently" asked me what had caught my attention? I think I mentioned the little bubbles inside the crystal or something like that. Doyle wanted to have a look, you touched on enhydro's and I asked for my crystal back from Doyle...didn't want him getting to attached. ;)
For the remainder of the class I kept a death grip on my crystal! LOL

I'll never forget it. Because right then and there, I KNEW THAT CRYSTAL WAS MINE!

Everything you mentioned in your response is accurate. I have witnessed changes in myself and others, especially in the areas of greater understanding and unity. I AM so grateful to you for offering this class. It is a must for all who wish to become acquainted with Crystal awareness. I can't wait to attend YOUR class in Miami!

Love ya lots,