Monday, March 1, 2010

Shifting and changing emotions

Constant change is a given. The balance of the emotional body can get stuck in various parts of the physical body. The imbalance may present itself as a sore back, a congested bronchial passage or a recurring condition of any sort. The key to realigning the imbalance into wellness is to find the source. 
So many of our current life issues actually were implanted in our consciousness during ages 0-10 years old. The issue may have started after an event that could be a very obscure issue. For example, let's say you are 3 years old and you adore your older brother. You trust him implicitly and you know he is someone who adores you in return. One day, as a big brother might typically do, he takes your doll or truck that you love and hides it in a very dark scary place. 

As a 3 year old you are very upset because you can't find your toy. You have a typical 3 year old attachment to one given toy and that is the toy that your brother has chosen to hide from you. Once you find out that it was your brother who took your beloved toy - in that moment a flip switches and suddenly you experience betrayal. This betrayal from someone you love so much hurts you deeply and your ability to trust older men(boys) has suddenly changed. From that moment on your ability to get close to those who you think love you has changed. And, this pattern repeats itself throughout your life until you recall the memory. 

After you remember what happened and can embrace that inner child, then your ability to love fully and completely is freed. In the awareness of the original source of the challenge you can change your reality and your emotional body. Orange calcite is a good stone to work with to help uncover these buried emotions. Orange calcite can help you make the changes needed in the emotional body.

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