Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gem Spot: Prehnite

My first encounter with prehnite was in Glastonbury, England. First impressions are important and my first impression of this delicious gemstone was LOVE. The energy emanating from this light green rock oozed the healing vibe of love and goodness. It opens your heart allowing for the good things in life to manifest in your reality.

I just bought a new batch of prehnite which reminded me of my first introduction to this gem. These gemstones are from Mali, Africa and have epidote inclusions. The epidote amplifies the prehnite's love connecting heaven and earth. Epidote aligns you to parallel realities which shows you how you already know how to be free in love.

Both prehnite and epidote teaches transparency in relationships to authentically connect.with another.

Come by The Crystal Garden to view, touch, hold and experience prehnite in person.

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