Saturday, January 10, 2009


It appears I have a new addiction. During this time that I've been resting to recover from Acute Bronchitis, my mind still wants to work but not on "work-work." I've been playing on the internet. Who would have ever thought you can socialize online. I certainly never went there before. Now it's a whole different story.

I've truly embraced and discovered the world of Facebook. I've been cultivating my social network and connections with people around the globe. It's been interesting and something I normally wouldn't have time to do nor is it something that I should spend time doing. Yet as time goes on I have realized it's something I most definitely "should" do!

I've reconnected with friends from high school and college. Now that's really cool! One of my friends lives in Dubai and I was able to see her and wish her a Happy Birthday because of Facebook. I really love it.
There are some marketing advantages as well, of course. I started a group for The Crystal Garden. If you are on Facebook, please join the Group called The Crystal Garden and also become a fan of The Crystal Garden. There is probably a way for me to link this to that yet I've not gone that far yet.

I've posted photos there like this one so people can see the Angel Room. Some of our customers have moved away and miss attending classes at The Crystal Garden so it gives them a chance to visit online.

And I also posted a picture of this Angel Gemstone Oracle Reading. The Angel Messenger Practitioner (TM) Program is coming up in March. It'll be held on March 13, 14 and 15. The Angel Messengers who have completed this course have found it highly beneficial for personal growth but also for the many people they help because of their training to connect with the angels.

I'll be offline for most of the weekend in order to go shopping for gems for The Crystal Garden. It'll be good to step out and away from the computer but I'm sure I'll miss it. That's what happens with an addiction. I guess there could be worse addictions. Back to balancing life . . . that's what needs to happen.
The Gem Show is for resellers to buy for their stores. I love to shop for crystals. We sell a lot of crystals and gemstones at The Crystal Garden. Our shelves are pretty bare. All the big pieces are gone with the exception of one piece so I better fill up my vehicle! Next week the shelves will be sparkling again. (they are still sparkling . . . just not at the magnitude that they normally are. )
I have gratitude to all our customers because unlike most retailers, our sales are up over last year.
Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude!


Kathy Crabbe said...

Your shop sounds lovely! What is your most favorite crystal to work with, by the way? I love my brand new black obsidian ball - it has an amazing aurora borealis pattern within it, have you ever seen anything like that before?

I am a reader as well, but in the Laguna Beach area.

Many Sparkly Blessings!
Kathy C.

Margaret AnnLembo said...

Hi Kathy,

My favorite crystal? Mama Mia - that is just too hard to decide. There are so many choices of favorites and I believe that you've given me a great subject to blog about!I like tabular quartz, library, recordkeepers and elestials. I love danburite, apophyllite and DIAMONDS!!! I'll post on my blog so stay tuned!
Blessings to you,