Monday, April 28, 2008

Management Styles

My good friend, T.T. Douglas, who just posted a comment under the Home Again post, wrote a book titled One Hundered and Twenty Five Corporate Management Types Plus Two. This book has a summarizes description of the many manager types whou many have made or are presently making your life difficult. This is a book that will make you laugh.

I'm not finished reading yet and I wonder how many of those management types I'll fit into. I've been in the management role (sometimes it's lonely at the top) for so long so I know that it will be a humorous look at myself. Hopefully I haven't had too many of my staff over the years telling their significant other terrible things about me! It's always my intention to treat everyone with love and respect and yet as an owner of a business I just can't help wanting things done my way. It's one of the privileges of business ownership.

Ironically as I flipped through the book it opened to page 28 at manager style #63 - are you ready - NEW AGE MANAGER! What a kick! Wow, it seems that this book is a Magic Book as well. Perhaps I shall sell it as a divination tool. Open the book to any page and wherever your eyes land is your management style!

Anyway, come by The Crystal Garden to buy T.T.'s book! Read it and laugh.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Home Again

I am settling back in to handle my various job responsibilities here on the home front. The trip went well. I met nice people in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I'm hoping to return to New Jersey when the autumn leaves are changing to offer a Crystal Healer Certification Level I and II at Soul Journey in Butler, New Jersey. I've already been asked back, so it seems they were all pleased. Sandi and her beau/leprechaun, Doug, were the hosts with the most! As it was Earth Day weekend there was a soiree of events, vendors, my Angel Sessions, demonstrations and Doug's guitar playing and singing that made for a joyful festive energy. Sandi joined hands with the Health Food store next door and a good time was had by all.

Here at home The Crystal Garden is buzzing with wonderful energy. Many new things came in when I was out of town. My fabulous staff has put out the new CD titles, which is a relief to all of us that are there day in and day out. Although we love all the choices, we've heard them all many times so we are so pleased to have new music to listen to and offer for sale to our customers.

I was definitely presented with a few challenges today. Interesting energy - trying my patience. There were at least 3 situations in various aspects of the business that seemed to be a test. (They were only a test because if it were a real emergency I would have been notified!)

Only once did I let myself get hooked in and react to the situation and self-corrected pretty quickly. The other two bothersome and inappropriate challenges were so clear that I was able to decide to detach from the situation and decided not to engage! I made a conscious choice in 2 situations to not play the game and unhooked the hook from my energy field as well as the energy field of The Crystal Garden. I chose not to buy into the drama getting created - so by not participating in it, it dissipated! Voila! Poof!

In one case I just flat out cancelled an event that was scheduled in May because it became evident that it wasn't in alignment with what my statement of intention is for my store and center - AND because the challenging people associated with it just couldn't adhere to my policies and procedures. It's challenging sometimes because it appears that people find it hard to digest that a store like The Crystal Garden is a real business with real business policies and procedures! If I didn't have policies and procedures clearly in place I probably wouldn't still be in business - for 20 years now. Mama Mia!

Now it's time to put some attention on a few other businesses that I run and then onto my book. I always have to "clear the decks" in order to get to the book. I was grateful to have written over 6000 words while I was at the country house in the mountains of Pennsylvania. I must get back in that mode very soon as there is a deadline for the manuscript to the publishing house. I know and trust it will be done in plenty of time and I have all the angels, Crystal Guardians and muses on my side so that when I do sit to write it just pours out of me. It's a very dynamic process and experience.

I believe it is time for rest now.
Good Night and Pleasant Dreams,

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No Room in the Inn

We've been meandering on this trip. It's a nice change to the 'got get there' mentality that may normally be associated with a trip from Florida to the Tri-State area. With this trip, we are being in the moment, stopping, looking, stretching, walking and having presence. What a nice change!

We arrived in the Washington-Baltimore area last night at about 9 pm and decided we should find a place to stay instead of driving all the way to PA. Hmmmm - after 2 stops at hotels we found that there is no room in the inn - in any inn in this area That is a bit of an exaggeration. We stopped at a Fairfield Inn that we stayed at when I was offering events and Angel Gemstone Oracle Sessions last year at Spark of Spirit in College Park, MD. Well, after checking into the one room left, the hotel rep said "Just so you know, you have to carry all your luggage up a flight of steps!) OK - come on - wouldn't you mention something like that before you charged my credit card? Due to the amount of luggage, laptops, projector for Power Point, etc. - that just wasn't an option. We weren't going to leave that in the car overnight.

I called my friend, Dianne, owner of Spark of Spirit, to see what suggestions she might have. Aaaah - The Pope! She reminded me that the Pope will be arriving so everyone is in the neighborhood to see him. (BTW, I'll be at Spark of Spirit for the Crystal Healer Certification and Angel Gemstone Oracle Sessions in May)

Vincent and I drove and drove. It probably felt longer than it was. Finally, we got off at exit 77 in Edgewater because we saw a sign for a Hampton Inn. I like the Hilton chain of hotels and we were blessed with the last room at around 11 pm last night. Whew! I must say that I did ask the angels out loud, "OK, angels, please let there be a room left for us here. I really do like this hotel! Please!" Sure enough, we settled in and had warm sweet dreams. Thank you, Angels!

This weather is definitely colder than I am used to. It was in the high 30s last night. I've lived in South Florida for 33 years now. I'm really a baby about warmth. My hands are already chapped. The great news is that spring has sprung, the trees are green, the flowers are blooming and all is well. It appears that I'll be blessed with 70 degree weather on Friday and Saturday! Woo Hoo!

Check out time is approaching so it's time to pack it up and move on.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Fine feathered friends

I'm on the road again. My sweetheart and I are traveling up the East Coast on I95 heading for Pennsylvannia. I'll be doing Angel Gemstone Oracle Sessions with Harmony Quest in Kregsville, PA on Wed, April 16th. If you live in the area, make an appointment with Rose and come see me! Here is the link: Margaret in PA

I had to leave my macaw, ShaNay, at The Crystal Garden where she has lived for 17 years to visit other fine feathered friends in other parts. (These friends don't have visible wings!) Take notice of the crystal singing bowls in the background of the photo. Sha Na and Mikael, my white dove, are in one of the showrooms at the store.

Anyway, we stopped to see a friend in Jacksonville. She has a new puppy. We had a fun and joyful visit. Last night we stopped in Florence, SC. We'll be in Pennsylvannia by late tonight. I'll be offering Angel Gemstone Oracle sessions and the Crystal Healer Certification at Soul Journey in Butler, NJ this weekend. If you live in New Jersey or the surrounding area - come on over and come to the class. Here is the link: Margaret in New Jersey.

I must say that it is fun to be "on the road" as it brings perspective and realizations just be getting away.

I hope to see you this coming week!