Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

Today I am nurturing my 94 year old Dad. He has a cold or a flu. He's not feeling so great but I am hand feeding him chicken soup and hoping he'll get the energy to sit at the table for our traditional New Year's meal.

I follow the tradition that my Mom set in motion. Today we are having a Pork roast which I seasoned to resemble Pernil. MMMMM . . . . the house smells so good. We have pork to honor that we will be only looking forward and not looking back at what is no longer. Pigs can only look forward. They can not turn their heads to look behind them.

We also have Black Eyed peas. I think Mom got this idea from a southern cooking magazine years ago. It's a southern tradition to eat Black Eyed peas to symbolize coins or prosperity.

And the third necessary item on the menu is dark green leafy greens. I chose Broccoli Rabe. I saute it with plenty of garlic and olive oil, some garlic salt, and today I added Adobo seasoning in honor of the Pernil. The reason for the dark green leafy vegetables is for adding health and wealth. Health like the green herbs of healing and Wealth like our green money.

Please share some of your New Year traditions. I love rituals and traditions.

Happy New Year!

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Victoria said...

Hello Margaret,
I really enjoyed sharing your New Year traditions. I always make sure to clear my clutter, as I believe it makes room for new bigger and better things.

May I say I absolutely love your new logo!

I am currently working on an angel platter which you may like. It is posted on my blog http://victoriarosemartin.blogspot.com/ Let me know what you think.