Friday, December 28, 2007

Dreams do come true!

So, the Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation experience went well last night. There were nine of us and we all had different things that we were focusing on to bring into reality. There are some regulars that attend. I'll change the names here, but, Robin comes everytime I offer the event. She's been having great experiences and always leaves feeling all tuned up.

You know, everything is energy. And all energy vibrates. And all vibration has sound. Well, we each have a vibration that sounds either harmonious or . . . not! When we re-calibrate our chakras back to the note that they were intended to be sounding like, it helps us walk on this planet in alignment with our highest good.

I've heard great testimonials. One client manifest her car and her Yoga Studio within days of attending this event. I've been working on getting my CDs into Whole Foods and finally they are in 5 Whole Foods in Florida. Step by step . . . inch by inch . . . with the power of visualizaion, imagination and believing, anything is possible!

So whether you want higher self-esteem, better meditation experiences, more love in your life, money, guidance . . . whatever your desire, you can achieve! Ra! Ra! Sis-koom-BA! (That was my cheerleader Angel, chirping in. I guess she's "on duty" this morning.

Have a fabulous day and let me know what you want and we'll "abra ca dabra" it!

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