Monday, July 12, 2010

More photos from the Road

As promised, I've uploaded photos from the time I spent traveling to the International Trade Show (INATS). Some of you follow me on Facebook so you may have seen them there. INATS is a trade show for visionary retailers to meet with vendors, publishers, musicians, artists and each other to buy new products, rekindle friendships from throughout the US and Canada as well as attend workshops and events that feed our soul.

We had so much fun. I had our Wholesale Division at Booth #600 just through the arches of Llewellyn Worldwide's booth. (Llewellyn is the house that publishing my book!)

Here are some photos of my colleagues and I enjoying the show.

There were so many other people who I connected with over the weekend. I wish I had taken more photos yet the truth be told - I was busy writing orders. It was a good show and many more stores throughout North America now carry the medical grade Essential Oils of The Crystal Garden along with my line of CDs and my Aromatic Mists and Sprays. My motto with the oils is - "Healing the planet one spritz at a time!"