Friday, July 9, 2010

Gem Spots

It seems that Gem Spots had taken over my blog for a while. I'll still post them but they've turned into Gem Spot Affirmations on my Fan Page on Facebook.

Every morning for about 3 weeks, I start my day by sitting down at my computer to upload a photo of a gemstone Facebook with a matching affirmation. Life keeps getting better and better for me. It appears that my desire to assist other by providing this service of a photo and affirmation is working within my own life. Beause I'm starting my day with an affirmation and then have a tendency to go back to Facebook to see if anyone "likes" it or made a comment - I repeat that same affirmation 3 -5 times per day while visiting that Fan Page.

Today's post was:

Gem Spot Affirmation is for Rhodochrosite: "I
am love. All that surrounds me and all that is attracted to me is love. I am confident and secure. I am grateful."
                            Margaret Ann


Repeat after me daily and watch your life transform!

Join me!

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