Friday, July 2, 2010

Amazing Journey! Garden of the Gods

The Colorado Summer Tour was amazing. I met so many wonderful people throughout Denver and Colorado Springs. The weather was perfect and the sacred sites were amazing!

I also had an excellent experience at Celebrations when I shared a lecture on Meet Your Guides and Angels while visiting Colorado Springs. I hope to return their next year for another speaking engagement, this time with my book, Chakra Awakening. Take notice that I've changed my blog so my book cover is front and center. It's coming out with Llewellyn Worldwide April 2011!!

I think my favorite place was the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs and Old Colorado City.

I like to travel to these Sacred Sites as they carry the vibrations of many people who have visited there in a pilgrimage fashion. As I walked among these stones, I connected with the ancestors who have walked on these paths before me and the wisdom they carry in their consciousness. Perhaps some day someone will walk through and pick up the vibes of Margaret Ann Lembo traveling to these parts!

This picture above is a small representation of the Anasazi Cliff Dwellings. I've been to Cliff Dwellings in Canyon De Chelly at White House Ruins in Arizona and the dwellings at Mesa Verde outside of Durango, Colorado.

I'll post some photos here of the Garden of the Gods.

I have plenty more photos and adventures to share. So I'll continue to post as I have time to catch up. I dedicate this post to my friend, Virginia, who loved the Garden of the Gods as her favorite place on earth. I had the great pleasure to spend time with her daughter and her new grandson while I was in Colorado Springs. Now Virginia observes all these goings on from the Heavenly Realm. Blessings to her.

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