Sunday, September 21, 2008

Celebrating, relaxing and catching up

This was a weekend of celebration. I loved having that celebration for the 20 years of The Crystal Garden. Wow! It was so wonderful. It is wonderful that The Crystal Garden continues to bless all of our lives.
We built the Medicine Wheel from 1 - 3 PM. We had a really nice crowd there. Pam Elliott and Vickie Mitchell and I facilitated the ceremony. I surprised myself when I found myself all choked up for the opening prayer. I am overwhelming grateful for all the blessings that this store and center has provided for me, my staff and so many people. It's wonderful how may lives have been touched with our love and I am so grateful for being able to be an instrument for that.

The Medicine Wheel is something that Vickie, Pam and I have built for many years, at least once a year. We used to go to the 4H Camp in Ocala where I facilitated the Sacred Circle Gathering. But the interest in that waned after 13 years. But, 13 years of doing that is actually quite a long time, isn't it? The rocks we use have been part of our lives since the mid-90s. They really are beautiful. They are river rocks that I shipped back from Hermosa, CO which is in the valley near Durango, CO. I love that part of the country. I must go back and visit my sweet cousin, Maria.

Most of the wheel was built by the time this photo was taken. Most people couldn't stay the full 2 hours it takes to build the wheel. Ceremony takes time. Anyway, the wheel stayed up a full 24 hours. The energy was cooking that whole time holding all the prayers and good wishes for many more years of sharing Love and Light at The Crystal Garden!

I un-wound the wheel this afternoon around 3:30 PM after the store was closed. It was nice to be with my store in the sacredness of the Medicine Wheel in the Angel Room. So many sacred ceremonies have happened there. I know many more will come along with more love to share.

Here is to 3 generations of The Crystal Garden - Vickie, with her daughter, Becky and granddaughter, Celeste. Will The Crystal Garden be around for 4 more generations of Love and Light fulfilling 7 generations of bringing Spiritual fulfillment, love and personal growth into the lives of many? Only time will tell!

Angel Blessings,
Margaret Ann

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Connie H. said...

Congratulations on 20 years! I was so upset Saturday night when I remembered I had forgotten to go in earlier in the day.
The Crystal Garden has been a very special part of my life the past year and a half since I found it.