Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gem Spot - Peridot

Many indigenous cultures had and still have a medicine man or shaman of the tribe or village. These men and women had to go through various rites of passage or rituals where they transcend the challenge presented through inner strength, connection to higher realms of consciousness and Divine Will. I remember reading about a tribe where the ritual consisted of letting a poisonous snake bite them. It was up to that shaman or healer to heal themselves through mantras, prayers and their inner transformational and trans-mutational powers.

These men and women were also know as the Wounded Healers. In our society, we have many wounded healers. They are the people who rise above addictions and then sponsor others to assist them in their recovery. They are the ones who survive cancer and then create support groups to guide others through their transformation.

The stone I associate with this Wounded Healer energy or the "healer heal thyself" vibration is peridot. Peridot is also beneficial to help you transform negative emotions like self-sabotage, jealously of others and agitation and impatience with people you love. It is also beneficial to assist you in digesting life - accepting your world as it is and then transforming it with clear intention to create the reality you wish to have.

As you work with peridot, like any stone, form an intention. Place it on or around you so every time you see it, think of it or touch it you reignite your intention and create your world.