Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Strands of Power

Being of Italian ancestry, my family and friends always did everything with great passion. We really felt to the depth of our being. If we had anger, we expressed it and sometimes quite loudly. If we cried from sorrow, often it was so deep, that those outside of our "culture" might perceive it as being dramatic. I believe that it is better to live life with passion and vigor and be criticized or judged, than to stop shining your light out of fear of being judged. It is time to return to your center, your sacred legacy, your heritage and your connection with your ancestors.
                Sometimes the return to the center is retreat or non-action. Non-action can be very powerful. This is much like the energy of the spider. The spider sits in her web and waits for her food to come to her. She doesn't need to leave her web. Yet she does take care of her web. Spider weaves her web so it is beautiful and strong. She repairs any broken strands in her web and untangles the web when necessary. However, she waits in her web for her nourishment to come to her. In remembering the lessons of Spider, we recapture the essence of feminine power. This feminine power is an energy which has nothing to do with gender. It is energy within each and every man or woman.
                You are made up of energy. Your energy is made up of strands of power. If a strand becomes weakened or broken, it is up to us to repair our own energy.  You cannot look outside yourself and expect someone else to make it better. You may ask for help or assistance, yet the bottom line is that you must do the work yourself for that strand to be truly repaired. These strands also link us to all your memories, people and places you have experienced as well as all your relations.
                When strands or cords of energy stay attached to you because of negative interaction or demeaning circumstances, they create challenges in your ability to function. You may act or react based on a cord or a series of cords that attached to you over many years due to unhealthy destructive relationships. These cords can be severed using intention and consciousness. Archangel Mikael can always help too!
                It is time to truly recognize your personal power. It is time to recognize the love that you are and always have been.  Once we realize what is good and what is not good for you, including people, places, habits and thought forms, then you must do something about it.  

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