Friday, January 8, 2010

Making the Shift

So many of us start out the New Year wanting to make changes for the better. It is often a time of reflection of what has happened in the past, how we don't want certain things to keep replaying and then a focus on a list of goals. So what is the magic bullet to get you off the groove or rut you feel stuck in? What will suddenly change after that momentous strike of the clock into the New Year?
I've decided to use the basic principle of shifting the assemblage point of my consciousness by moving things in my personal surroundings. I first learned of the assemblage point - the point in one's consciousness from which all of life is perceived, reacted from and created upon - from the teachings of Carlos Castaneda. By making a simple act of changing your surroundings, you can change the way you perceive reality and make the necessary shifts to modify your life.

It is all very simple. I made 2 changes as the year was changing. I moved my make up drawer, brushes and all my personal toiletries to different drawers, shelves and locations. The other change was the reorganization of my pantry and more specifically the location of my sacred coffee and coffee grinder. You could view it as micro-feng shui.
By making these alterations, it changes the "order" in which I do things and breaks up the monotonous groove I had created. It brings my awareness from doing things rotely and unconsciously to being present in the moment from the start of my day. These simple modifications alerts my inner awareness that I have chosen to shift my reality. With this simple tool, it wakes up the consciousness to make much greater shifts and the momentum realigns my reality to match my intentions.

Altering simple unconcious behaviors moves the assemblage point to create new intentions and focus. Reality follows intentions. It has been said, "Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change." How will you change the way you look at things?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for supporting us so beautifully. I have been moving things and cleaning out old stuff in on my shelves. It really feels good but your explanation of the way it works in our perceptions makes it even better. Much appreciated, Rosemarie

Anonymous said...
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