Sunday, November 2, 2008

Green Bags and Branding My Logo

I am so blessed to have Victoria Rose Martin, artist extraordinaire, as one of my good friends and angels. She happily created the logo for my store. I knew I needed to work on branding for marketing purposes.

It wasn't until my 19th year of The Crystal Garden that I established a very definitive logo and focused on branding.At the last International New Age Trade Show, INATS, one of the main themes for seminars and the show in general was "Going Green." I realized that it was time for The Crystal Garden to have a 'green bag.' I love how it turned out. When people participate in my special layaway program going on this year at The Crystal Garden til Dec 15, they get one of these with their purchase. Otherwise, they are available for sale. They are very big. I'm impressed on how many groceries fit in them. My cousin, Camille, has had great results with using it for grocery shopping.

Remembering to bring the bags with me into the store - all stores - is a new habit that I am still working on integrating. I usually remember when I run in for groceries. I am still working on remembering to bring my bag with me for other types of shopping. I've been a compost nut for years. Now that I have a lot of land, my yard is so happy to receive the nutrients from the remains of vegetable cuttings, coffee grounds, egg shells and so on.

How are you going green?


Victoria said...

Thank you Margaret. It is so nice seeing the image up on your blog. I am happy you like the images.I am always happy to help you in any way possible. I adore you and love the Crystal Garden. Your kind words are so appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Rae said...

congratulations on your new logo and also your musings. I remember when you first opened the store and also know all about the mortgage meltdown in '87, and now I have also moved my office and gone through changes and been hit with my own 2X4s these past years--I hope we can help those people who are in trying times right now, and that the change will be for the good.