Friday, July 18, 2008

Connecting with Mother Earth

I've been home for 2 weeks now and have about 3 more weeks before I arrive in Massachusetts to offer the Crystal Healer Certification Level 1 and 2 at Heart to Heart Healing Connection in West Springfield. While I am there I will shop the largest Gem show on the east coast. We'll load up Vincent's car and drive back to Florida after all my events are over. I'm booked with private sessions for Past Life Regressions and Angel Gemstone Oracle Readings as well.

Being home for so long - 5 week - I have been able to reconnect with the land that I live on. I am so grateful for all my beautiful plants and trees. The mangoes are just about getting ripe. I know that when the animals start eating them, they are ready to pick. I brought 4 mangoes in to finish ripening yesterday when I was out dead heading my rose bushes. If I don't take some in to enjoy, the squirrels hang upside down on the branches and munch away on the mango while it's still hanging on the tree! It's a sight to see.

The hurricanes, all 3 of them that hit 2 years in a row, really challenged many trees and plants. This is the first year that we've had our normal tropical weather patterns of torrential rain every day. I can hear the plants and trees singing and doing a happy dance that they can finally heal and grow again. We haven't had any mangoes on the tree since before the hurricanes so I guess it's been about 5 years. Interestingly, only half the tree grew mangoes. The part that was hurt so badly is still healing. At least I didn't lose the tree. I lost a carombola a/k/a star fruit, 3 coconuts, 2 orange and numerous other young trees.

The summer growth in my paradise-like backyard was deep and rich. I did some trimming for the long-term health of the plants, but I love the tropical jungle affect that they create. One Tarzan-like vine grew over 2 of my bougainvillea bushes. Taking the vine off those plants was really good exercise to say the least!

I compost. I save all of my organic material like vegetable cuttings, coffee grounds, egg shells, and old bread in a plastic container on my kitchen counter. Daily, or sometimes more frequently if I cook more often, I place the contents in a pile in section of the garden in my backyard. I am doing a modified version of composting because one should either dig a hole to bury it or put it into a compost bin and layer it with greens and browns. But, my version feeds the neighborhood wild life. I do this with intention to offer them and Mother Earth some food to eat with gratitude for supporting my life.

I read portion of a book in a Cracker Barrel while we were traveling about Lasagna Gardening. It's a way to layer all the organic materials in an area where you don't want to or have the time to dig up and prepare the bed in the normal way. So I've tried it in my yard as traveling has precluded my ability to get my hands in the dirt.

I placed shredded paper from my shredder and newspaper over the weeds and then threw all my compost in one section of a bed. After enough of the area was covered over time, Vincent and I covered it with peat moss, soil and then mulch. It raised the bed and created an area for rich soil. I've added the tops of the pineapples to that part of the garden. I now have 4 pineapple plants started. Do 4 plants qualify as a Pineapple Grove? Well, now I want to eat more pineapple to add to the garden!

I recently realized that little rabbits like pineapple. I wondered which creature kept digging them up and munching on what was left of the pineapple. Then I saw the sweet creature looking innocent in the bed. We have a baby bunny that graces our back yard from time to time to snack on asparagus ends, brussel sprouts debris and obviously the new pineapple plants.

The baby green iguana who also lives in and around our yard wild, like the marigolds. Yesterday I saw him having a little snack. I've also seen them eat sunflower sprouts. It took me a while to realize why my sunflowers never went beyond sprouting until I saw one of the iguanas snacking away.

There is also a young possum that comes by at night. My cat, Gabrielle, who is an indoor cat, enjoys the visit through the glass door. And, of course, Mr. and Mrs. Raccoon enjoy the boudoir of my salt water pool and jacuzzi.

All God's creatures enjoy the land that I get to live on. I've seen wood peckers, osprey, and even an otter! It's a true gift. A reverse zoo! I'm in the cage indoors and they are enjoying the outdoors. Works for me.

Many blessings to all beings of Mother Earth!

Angel Love,


rubyzu said...

Margaret -

Wow! Sounds like paradise. I'm so glad you have some time at home to enjoy it.

I have always thought of you as an angel - you have so much wisdom and love and you share it so freely. You are truly inspiring!

Margaret AnnLembo said...

Ruby! Thank you for your loving comments. May the Angels always watch over you!

Mary said...

hey Margaret
Great fun reading your blog.
Just wanted to let you know the iguanas down the road from you here in Hypoluxo LOVE bananas. I slice up a ripe one and leave it out on their sunning rock. Never any leftovers!
I gotta get back to the Garden...
the Crystal Garden that is.
I think of you often and send all good stuff your way.
Much Love,
Mary M.